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From Surf City to Snow City


Monday, March 2, 2015 will be go down in history for us Surf City residents! For 20 magical minutes we went from Surf City to Snow City!

Snow, Sand, Sun and Waves what more could you ask for? The fact that it melted within hours of falling didn’t disappoint us! Neither did the fact that it was hail and not actual snow if we want to get scientific about it. We had surf and snow for 1 day and for many long time Huntington Beach residents it was amazing and a sight to behold.

Word traveled fast around here. Lesson plans stopped momentarily at our school and the kids and teachers headed to the windows and doors to watch this winter wonderland magic. The community came out to watch the pier and sand get layered in a blanket of snow….ok thick hail. It was 40 degrees, cold enough to make it stick around for awhile. When it stopped the sky opened up in its typical brilliant blue sunshine and we were left with a white covered Surf City!


Everyone was going crazy, the streets were buzzing with excitement. Local businesses pulled out the closed signs and headed to the sand. Kids got pulled a little early from school to experience snow ball fights and mini snowmen with their friends! Photos were being taken from every angle and flying on social media faster then an earthquake. News vans started pulling onto Pacific Coast Highway and setting up.


On every face around me was excitement and wonder.

From the brand new mom and dad posing with their newborn for a picture, to an elderly couple taking a selfie with the white covered sand behind them. It was a magical moment. This will be a day that we’ll look back and say, “remember that day it snowed in Huntington Beach”.

snow beach 1

Stress, To Do lists and troubles all ceased for a few minutes to enjoy the unexpected beauty of Mother Nature and to create some memories.

Andrea Pascua is wife and mother to 8 year old twins and 1 wild and adventurous 3 year old. Living in Huntington Beach, she is a nurse and currently teaches homeopathic healthcare through essential oils. When she’s not playing taxi to her 3 little ones you can find her checking out new coffee shops and local eateries for date nights, exploring flea markets and restoring vintage furniture or enjoying a glass of wine with a good friend!
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