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Swanky Brie-zy Appetizer in 20 Minutes

I love cheese! I know I’m in good company from the many zoom calls I’ve had sharing virtual charcuterie evenings with friends. Delicious cheese, glorious cheese, ha!

Cheese Appetizer Recipe

This year I thought I’d share this swanky little appetizer with all of you. It only requires a few ingredients; it’s simple, looks great and it will make you very happy. You may want to get extra ingredients since you’ll likely need to make this dish again.

Warmed Brie with Strawberries, Candied Pecans + Honey

8 oz wheel of Brie
1/2 lb of sliced Strawberries
Balsamic Vinegar
Candied Pecans
Trader Joes Fig + Rosemary Crisps
Parchment Paper

Preheat oven to 350, place rack in the center. Cut the rind off the top of the cheese. Place in an oven safe dish and heat for 10-15 minutes. Place parchment paper on a baking sheet and roast 1/2 lb of sliced strawberries (drizzled with balsamic vinegar; this is optional but tastes oh so good). When brie is warmed, remove from the oven.

Now this is the fun part! Place the delicious warm brie on a decorative plate with the roasted strawberries, chopped candied pecans + drizzle with honey to your preference. Serve alongside Fig and Olive Crisps or Raisin Rosemary Crisps.

Be prepared to watch your savory and sweet dish of cheese disappear like magic!

Darice is a very active mother of a gorgeous daughter. Darice, enjoys a career in sales, surrounded by many friends and family; always taking on another opportunity for growing and networking. A people person who embraces trying new things, helping others, a social butterfly and enjoys cheering on her niece and nephew at soccer and/or volleyball games.
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