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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Swimming in the Laguna Beach Tide Pools

Swimming in the Laguna Beach tide Pools

Why have a swimming pool installed in your home when you can swim in nature’s swimming pool? One of the my favorite things to do with the kids when the tide goes out is to swim in the rock formation swimming pools that the tide left behind. I don’t have to worry about anyone getting swept out to sea, and the kids can swim with the fishes and other various sea life in the Laguna Beach tide pools.


Where can I find this?
There are multiple different locations for finding the best “rock ocean” swimming pools, but *again* Woods Cove is a favorite. There are multiple places that have nice deep rock formations that are perfect for creating swimming pools for the children to explore.

Not only can the kids swim in these natural swimming pools, but they can also explore the blow hole and tide pools.


Insider Tips:
Don’t head out onto the rocks with having the kids wearing water shoes. They can easily cut up their feet on the rocks, and even while swimming in the pools they can be quite slippery without water shoes. If your kids are a little wary about jumping into the pool, jump in first. There is nothing to fear, and the water is always – perfect!!


I always recommend checking the tide reports. If the tide is high, then the rocks will be closed. ( is a great resource for checking the tides)

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  1. so this is in laguna beach, woods cove ca? pls respond

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