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Swimming in the Ocean in Maui: Know the Safe Bays

Maui is a place with 120 miles of coastline, which has 30 miles of attractive beaches to boast of. These beaches are popular with tourists because of the colorful seashores along with the activities one can enjoy here. Most of the beaches have easily accessible beach parks that offer lifeguards, restrooms, and satisfying picnic facilities. You will find most of the beaches enjoyable here. But, remember the purpose while visiting. If you are willing to swim there, make sure you know the beaches are safe for swimming. Read this article to know the best beaches to swim in and the beaches you need to avoid.

Places to Swim

Maui is a place full of crystal clear waters along with its beautiful beaches. One of the top activities that attract tourists to the island is going snorkeling and swimming that allows you to discover all the wonders under the sea and beneath the waves.

You will find most of the beaches of Maui safe for snorkeling and swimming, as long as you follow common sense and all of the other safety tips that are posted. To feel even safer, the places you can choose to swim are beaches with a lifeguard, places with guided swimming and snorkeling activities, and beaches that always remain full of people.

You will have many options to choose from when you are in Maui. Some best beaches for swimming are given below to make it easier for you.

Honokahua Bay Beach

If you’re looking for the best snorkeling beaches in Maui, do some research beforehand. We recommend Honokahua Bay Beach because it is ideal for snorkeling, swimming, body surfing, surfing, and even hiking. Moreover, if you’re looking for self-guided or boat adventures, this beach has lots to offer.

It’s incredibly popular with tourists. If you visit during the winter, you can enjoy surfing most. But for swimming, you must stick to the summer season to get the best experience.

Mokuleia Bay Beach

Mokuleia Beach is so popular that you will find it almost impossible to park after 10 am. To beat the crowds, you must show up early. Visit in summer when the sea is in its calmest conditions. Besides swimming, you can also join the activities like bonfires, bodysurfing, snorkeling, turtles, and escaping the resort-area rush to enjoy your visit more.

Napili Bay Beach

Napili Bay’s Beach is another beautiful beach to visit when you are in Maui. Like the previous two, it is also perfect for swimming along with snorkeling and sun tanning. The oceanfront condos and resorts here add more to your visit. You will find the outer reefs protecting the sea from most swell directions, which makes sure you get gently lapping ripples as well as clear water. Summer is the right season for you to swim in the calm and clear water of this attractive beach.

Kapalua Bay Beach

Kapalua Bay is a golden-white sandy beach. The beach is pretty calm all year round. It has calmer conditions in summer with the possible current along with gentle breaking waves. It is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many other forms of entertainment. You will find here lots of unique underwater life such as tropical fish, corals, turtles, etc. It is a beach with picturesque views, golden sand, palm trees, and excellent swimming conditions. Visit in the summer morning to get the best experience.

Places to Avoid

Now, let’s discuss the beaches you should avoid and if there are any particular dangers to look out for. Though most of the beaches of Maui are fine for swimming, these 3 beaches can be pretty dangerous for tourists.

Makena Big Beach

This beach has a nickname, the Breakneck Beach, as here, you will see more spinal cord injuries than any other beach. It makes it one of the deadliest beaches to swim in. This beach has a particularly dangerous shore break. When tourists venture into the waters for swimming, they are often slammed down on the shore pretty hard, which generally requires a visit to the hospital. So, it might be best for you to avoid this beach for swimming purposes.

Kauai’s Lumahai Beach

It also has a nickname. It is called the Luma-die, which pretty much says it all. It’s another life-threatening beach that puts many tourists’ lives in danger. So it will be wise for you to avoid it. If you are to visit there someday, you will always find an ambulance parked there right outside the beach. It indicates the number of injuries generally occurring at Lumahai.

Big Island’s Hapuna Beach State Park

You should avoid Big Island’s Hapuna Beach too, as it is another dangerous beach. Do not follow the natives who go there. They have been practicing swimming in the ocean waters since their birth. So, they know where to tread very well. The danger lies in the lethal shore breaks that sometimes cause irreparable injuries to swimmers. Also, look out for any flags or warning signs on the beach, especially if there’s any to do with sharks.

To Conclude

Swimming on the beaches is an obvious thing to do when you visit Maui. It would be a shame not to. The beaches and the water both are beautiful and spectacular to avoid. Just make sure you are always being careful. Go swimming along with a companion. Always choose the beaches that have a lifeguard on duty.

Pay great attention to any weather reports or news. Remember to check for warning signs where you are willing to swim. Venture into the area with more people, and remember not to follow the natives. Minding these easy but important tips will ensure you a safe and satisfying trip to remember forever.

Best of luck!

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