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Making a Sporting Event a Family Affair



Does your family have a love for football or other team sport?  Our house LOVES football, okay one member may enjoy the cheerleaders and the mascot a little more than the actual game itself, but she is happy to be with our family enjoying a fun day in the stands.   Attending a sporting event as a family makes for a great bonding experience and wonderful family memories.  Come Fall, our kids know that means football; attending the boys flag-football games each Saturday, watching our favorite football team on TV, thank goodness for DVR, and attending a game or two.  This year our team traveled South to take on UCLA at the Rose Bowl and this family was pumped!


Tailgating makes for a great start to any sporting event.  Usually I have time to prepare great sandwiches or BBQ, but it’s really not about the food, it’s more about the excitement of being amongst fans, be it your team or not, you can feel the excitement in the air.  This particular game came off a busy week for our family, so preparing a lot food wasn’t an option. We left Orange County early, so making a pit-stop for sandwiches to enjoy with our chips, salad, drinks and football themed cookies completed our tailgate basket.  Tailgating is a fun place to meet up with friends before the game, meet other sports fan to enjoy some friendly banter, discuss the teams odds or share why you love your team.  Sports fans are passionate about their team and the kids love listening in to the stories and sharing their own reasons for loving the team.


Duck Griffin


Packing a special treat makes tailgating a little sweeter.  To create your own sugar cookies with royal icing, follow my recipe and easy decorating tips.   You will earn big “super fan” points by bringing something a little special that the other tailgaters don’t have, wink.


Duck Cookie


Dressing the part is essential.  The Oregon Ducks release a color scheme schedule at the beginning of the season so fans know what color to wear, this game called for yellow, or as Duck fans refer to it as “Yell-O”.   Choose to wear your teams spirit wear or colors to support the team and show your team pride, don’t forget a collegiate symbol to add your cheek for extra flare.  Our kids love to dress up, especially our daughter, attending a game is the perfect occasion to impress in her cheerleader outfit.  Whether you’re a diehard fan or attending for fun, try to wear colors to support the team and be apart of the “fan club”.


Duck Kids


Attending the big game with your kids is a different experience than attending with adults.  If you attend with the kids, you will go to any length to ensure they meet the mascot and get a front row view of the cheerleaders, I mean they hold rock-star status to kids!  One of my biggest pleasures is watching my kids experience life and the excitement that surrounds them.  Do your kids love hockey, gymnastics or baseball?  Take them to a game and make it a special memory they won’t forget.


Duck Sarah


Seeing mascots and cheerleaders that they normally see on TV is a surreal experience for kids, watching the cheerleaders was a highlight for our daughter, of course, when she goes to college she wants to be just like these girls.  Go Ducks!


Duck Cheer


Win or loose, I feel players have a responsibility to exhibit good sportsmanship, theses are teaching opportunities for parents.  I will never forget when Shawn White failed to earn a spot on the podium in the last Winter Olympics and how he handled that rare occurrence.  What a wonderful moment that was for the kids, watching the heavy favorite, the best in the world, the fan favorite loose …. with class and good sportsmanship.  Or, most recently, Marcus Mariota, Oregon Quarterback, made time to talk to kids immediately following a game that didn’t go his teams way.  Winning and loosing is a lesson kids struggle with yet gets easier with age and maturity.  Witnessing your team win or loose is one of those teachable moments we parents relish.  Today, our team won (BIG, sorry Bruins fans) and after the game the team took a knee and bowed their heads as my kids stopped and watched.  They also walked over to the fan section and stood there in gratitude as we all loudly cheered, you only get that kind of experience attending a game.


Ducks Knees


Watching the game on TV is usually how sports fans cheer on their team week to week, especially if their favorite team is out of state.  But, the stadiums are filled with fans just like you, and this is where you’ll find “super fans”!  Your kids will have fun being part of a crowd supporting the same team and seeing first hand what it takes to be a super fan.  I mean, my kids thought they were decked out with team pride until they met these two super fans from Eugene, Oregon.




Attending a game is exhilarating!  The preparations, the tailgating, the crowds, the fans and super fans, the food and the sounds of a roaring stadium is larger than life experience for sports fans of all ages.  Find a sport that your family enjoys together and get your tickets to make a family outing your kids will remember forever.




A full day at a stadium can be wild and exhausting but worth every minute.  If you can set aside an entire day, be sure to tailgate, yell from the stands and stay in town for dinner with other fans.  Cheer on your team, whatever sport that is, and be sure to make attending the game a family affair.  Go Ducks!


Ducks Racked Out



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