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Talking with the Cast of Ant-Man and The Wasp

We attended the event as a guest of Disney

Ant-Man and the Wasp is a fantastic sequel to the first Ant-Man movie and a must-see for all parents and children. I recently had the privilege of going to Pasadena and speaking with the cast of the new film, and I can assure you they had a lot of fun things to say.

One of my favorite features of the movie was all the comedy and how much I laughed during the film. Even during the serious parts someone almost always said something to lighten the mood. The cast made me laugh once more when Evangeline Lilly (The Wasp) said about Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) who helped write the script, “His best lines in the movie are not on the script.” Knowing that not all of the comedic lines weren’t scripted made the movie even funnier.

After everyone got settled into their seats, Miss Karen Warren from People magazine started asking questions, and one was what was the most daunting sequence of the film. Peyton Reed, the director of the film, answered with, “So I think maybe the biggest is, ah, we did a whole car chase that took us through the city of San Francisco, and we wanted to do a chase that… you just simply wouldn’t see in any other movie because of all the… size changes.” The car chase scene of the movie was one of my favorites, and I could tell that there was a lot of hard work put into it and the challenges of all the road closures in San Francisco. When asked about the road closures Peyton answered, “So the landmarks, things like Lombard Street. But then we, it occurred to us, oh, we might not be allowed to do that. But thankfully the city of San Francisco was so cooperative, and we really had free range to do some of the craziest things imaginable in that city.”

Evangeline Lilly also talked about what it was like to play a female superhero as The Wasp, “Well, I loved getting to be a Bladerunner. That was pretty cool. The knife, the knife gag in the restaurant scene is very, very cool. I love the kind of element of having somebody who’s completely in jeopardy, but also completely in control.” Lilly continued talking about how amazing it was to play a superhero who got to kick-butt during the entire movie. Then, the cast started talking about the Quantum Realm, and I learned that a lot of the cast members had actually studied Quantum Physics. Micheal Douglas (Dr. Hank Pym) said, “I actually… actually Peyton…cast me for this role because he did find out that I had a degree in quantum mechanics, and was very familiar.”

After the cast finished talking about their backgrounds in Quantum mechanics, they began talking to Hannah John-Kamen about her take on the villain, Ghost, in the film, “I think, you know, I definitely approach the character… not as a villain, at all. Definitely a threat… to the characters and the heroes of the movie. But when… I guess when you play a villain, you have to play it like you’re the good guy and everyone else is bad.” It was refreshing to hear how an actor/actress might see the villainous character they are playing as not bad but had made bad decisions.

To close off the interview, the cast talked about the pressing issue of things that they would like to see enlarged in next movies. Having the bottle of pez, Thomas the Tank Engine, and a salt shaker enlarged they were getting a little creative. They had also talked about what they enjoyed seeing enlarged in the prior films. Paul Rudd had said, “A spoon? Yeahhhhh. This, by the way, was my, I think my favorite thing on set that was grown. This bread clip is not arbitrary. In the lab there, we had cables running through and that’s what Hank used to clip all of the cables together. You can kind of see it in the background, these big bread clips. Well, is there — what about… I can’t think of anything that I’d like to see…” Once the cast was done speaking about what they enjoyed about the different sizes, they said their goodbyes and left the room.

It was so nice hearing how the cast had interpreted the movie from all different perspectives and characters. Just hearing the cast interact with each other you knew that they had a fun time filming this movie. You will not want to miss taking your kids to see this lovable cast int their new film Ant-Man and The Wasp starting July 6.

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  1. Sounds like you had the most fun time! Loved the mood this post set, really awesome.

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