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Target Beauty Concierge Program Launches in LA and Orange County

Target Beauty Concierge Program

Target announced last week that it introduced its Beauty Concierge program to some stores in Los Angeles and Orange County.  There are 93 stores that will receive this unique program that earns them a Target Beauty Concierge.

This beauty enthusiast is highly trained and is available to answer questions that guests may have right there in the store.  This personalized service is aimed to help people in an unbiased way about the beauty and personal care products offered at Target.  Since no appointment is needed to take advantage of the Beauty Concierge Program, shoppers can enjoy a carefree environment without the intimidation that some can feel.

Some of the stores in Orange County and Los Angeles County that will receive the program are:

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Target is known for the quality of products they have at reasonable prices and makes specialty beauty accessible and affordable with a wide range of products. Beauty Concierges can be found in the beauty aisle at participating Target stores wearing a black apron.

The Beauty Concierge Program will launch in further stores throughout 2013 in areas such as Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Northern Virginia.

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