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Tarot Card of the Day – Craftsman of Air

Tarot Card Craftsman of Air


Intelligent and intuitive, instinctive and contemplative, the mind works best when it’s open. The world will open for a Craftsman who knows that Nature doesn’t require mastering once the mind has been mastered. The Craftsman of Air is studying the mysteries hidden in the shapes that Spirit takes, the spiral shells and spinning galaxies, unfurling ferns and coiling DNA. He is studying the languages of math, patterns, and poetry. Numbers and images materialize in his mind, on the page, and in the Air, evaporating swiftly, but leaving traces of beauty. The cosmic blueprint is visible everywhere – the Golden Mean hidden in Nature’s conjuring. The Craftsman is learning magic.


Study, hidden truths, divine expressions, and embodiments.


Magic is more than special effects. It’s more than formulas and incantation, though those are useful in achieving self-mastery. Magic will not grant you the power to control the world, but it may grant you the ability to understand it, and yourself. And with understanding will come reverence, respect, and responsibility. A Witch is a Craftsman who knows that the first thing magic changes is oneself.


Gather a snail’s shell, a nautilus shell, a sunflower, pine cone, pineapple, and cauliflower. Study their spiral patterns. Look at a spider’s web. Look into the night sky. Look at photos of hurricanes. Look into a mirror. Look at your fingers, your body of a dolphin, a starfish, a honeybee. Look and learn the magic of life.

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