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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Earth Goddess

To live the dream, we have to surrender the fantasy. This can be painful. It feels like the end – when, in fact, it is the beginning. Once the pain passes, there is the joy of what we have yearned for coming to life. It may not be as perfect as the fantasy, but it will be real, and it can nourish us.

Tarot Card Earth Goddess

We can build our appetite for life with dreams, but we cannot be fed by them. The soul requires real life experience to become fully alive, to have experiences and grow. There’s a fantasy that wants to become reality for you. Don’t let a few gritty moments or human imperfections prevent you from experiencing the joy of heaven on Earth.

You have beautiful dreams and wonderful visions of what life could be. It is not enough to imagine them. You want to live them. This is exactly how you are meant to feel. For that to happen, you must practice feeling grounded, taking practical earthly steps, one at a time, to bring your dreams to life.

The Universe will send so much help your way, but you are the one who must take the steps. Spirit cannot do that for you. Even if you are not sure how your biggest, boldest dreams can come together, you can still ask yourself, “What is it that I can do now?”

Sometimes, it will be an obvious action that you can take, and, sometimes you will need to pray and meditate and ask for the way forward to be shown. When you can do something, do it. When you cannot, rest and wait for your intuition to nudge you when the time is right to take action. Remember, you are an Earth Goddess. You have the power to manifest your visions, to bring your beautiful ideas to life in the world. This is what you are here to do.

Remember to love yourself enough to recognize your creative power and us it joyfully each day.

Sacred Ritual

Lie on the earth, if you can, or rest somewhere that feels right for you. Imagine, feel, visualize or pretend that the earth energy is rising up through your feet, into your belly, and then up to your heart. She is giving you a shakti-pat, a boost of divine feminine energy from the great goddess, to help you feel confident in your own power.

Personalized Tarot Card Readings

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