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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Enchanted Forest

Mystery, Magic, Excitement

Enchanted Forest Tarot Card

One minute life seems rather mundane and boring, then all of a sudden someone or something sweeps into your world like a breath of fresh air. All of a sudden you feel as though you are on a magical mystery tour, with a renewed sense of passion and excitement for life.

And it doesn’t matter that you have no real idea where this is all leading you. In fact, not knowing only creates more excitement. Life is now full of romance and seemingly endless creative possibilities. Embrace all that comes your way.

Enjoy the journey and don’t be in a hurry to settle things down or draw conclusions. Allow things to unfold in their own way and time. What unravels will bring you lasting joy and a deep sense of fulfilment.


I am open to new ideas and adventures. Life is full of endless creative possibility. I embrace each opportunity that comes my way. I love the magic and mystery of life. I trust my heart. I believe in love.

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