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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Evolution

Our world is cradled in a cosmic ocean of love; surrounded by an infinite universe, governed by a higher force greater than our human mind can know or comprehend. We are a forever changing image, forever transforming on our journey through eternity. Yes, the climate is changing, and yes, the Earth is transforming, but this has always been so and this will always continue.

Evolution Tarot Card

Are we governed by a will greater than our own or are we the architects of our own future? This we do not know for sure. But one thing is certain; whether we like it or not our precious planet will continue to transform. From the stars we are born and to a star we shall transform.

Be mindful of Mother Earth, be considerate and kind to her, but do not fear her changing nature, for just like us, she is transforming to ever greater light.


All lovingly unfolds through time and space
Life constantly transforms, but in essence nothing changes
There is nothing to fear, there is only love
I am one with the universe and stars
Love is my guiding force

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