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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Flame Tree – The Start of Something New!!

A creative spark has ignited from deep within your soul and this will soon develop into a passionate flame through which a new idea will come to you. This card heralds the start of something new. This could be a new area of study, a new business or new interest of some kind.

Flame Tree Tarot Card

Whatever it is, it will develop progressively and steadily and it just keeps on growing. It will develop into a deep passion and remain a significant part of your life for years to come. You will thank your lucky stars for discovering something that you truly love to be and do.

For the time being all you need to do is relax. Simply keep an open mind and heart over the next few weeks and pay attention to your intuition.


A creative flame grows within my heart and illuminates my mind. I am ready to start something new. My heart and mind are open to new possibilities. My dream becomes my reality. I do what I love and love what I do.

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