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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Gelato Goddess

Have you given another the power to influence your sense of self-worth or your direction in life? Choose with care whom you allow to get close to you and to guide you. It’s obvious, and yet easy to forget, that if we accept guidance or influence from another, we want to make sure that they are living the kind of life, and being the kind of person, that we aspire to be.

Gelato Goddess Tarot Card

You can learn from and be inspired by others, but you must stay true to yourself. Do not allow anyone else’s voice to become more important to you than the divine voice within your own heart.

Spiritual Guidance

Your soul has ten thousand flavors. Some people may try to persuade you that one soul flavor is better than the others. Best to ignore those with such unadventurous palates. You are a divine gelateria, an array of sacred scrumptiousness. Sometimes you will be kind, other times you will be fierce. Sometimes you will be sweet, other times you will be strong and independent, stubborn and determined. Sometimes you will be all class; at other times you’ll wolf down your lunch like it’s the last meal you’ll ever eat.

Those rare people who accept themselves unconditionally will be able to accept you – all parts of you – unconditionally, too. Others, who struggle to accept themselves, may struggle to accept all of you. They may want you to behave in a certain way. They may feel embarrassed or afraid of what others may think, and so they try to censor you.

Maybe they think they are helping you, but they are not. They aren’t quite ready to be freely and truly themselves. Maybe one day they will be, but in the meantime you won’t help them or yourself by trying to change who you are. You are worth so much more, with so much more to offer to those who are ready to embrace all of you. Carefully choose with whom you share yourself. You deserve to be, and to be loved for being, all of you.

Sacred Ritual

Say aloud, with confidence, “I trust, love and respect all the different parts of me to work together, as I live my most creative, honest and beautiful life. I choose to share myself with those that love and respect all of me”

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