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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Goddess of Creation

It is time to chill out and let go of rigid and fixed ideas. Relax and take time out to just be. You really have been trying too hard lately and are taking things far to seriously. This has blocked your creativity and caused your energy levels to be low. You probably tell yourself that you don’t have time to relax, but you must make the time.

Goddess of Creation Tarot Card

Make this a priority and you will find that an interesting transformation takes place. Your creativity will increase and you will feel revitalized by a newfound sense of purpose and inspiration. Your mind may be telling you that relaxation is a futile waste of time, yet the opposite is true.

Relaxation will slow down your thoughts and open your heart. It is fuel for the soul that will have a positive flow-on effect for your entire being. Your wellbeing is of paramount importance so do not take it for granted. Without it, nothing else really matters.


I take time each day to relax. I make time each day to nurture my spirit. I connect spiritually to a space of love inside my heart. I find peace within. I am light. I am love.

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