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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Madonna of Roses

There is a way to be fierce that doesn’t betray the kindness in your heart. When you know that to enable someone to behave badly towards you doesn’t help them or you, you don’t need to subject yourself to unnecessary guilt for taking care of yourself or fear that you aren’t being compassionate.

Madonna of Roses Tarot Card

You are teaching yourself and others the truth that love is based in respect – and that trying to take what doesn’t belong to you through any form of aggression or manipulation, seduction or persuasion is neither loving nor respectful. Thorns are sharp because they need to be. They don’t diminish the beauty of the rose. They protect it.

Spiritual Guidance

Your soul is a holy rose, a sublime creation under the care and protection of the Madonna of Roses. The soul that is a holy rose holds an exquisite spiritual perfume. She goes through struggles early on in life that teach her when she will need to protect herself from those people or situations that would try to cut her off from what vitalizes and inspires her with life.

She is taught to recognize those that would steal her away from her destiny and tty to use her for their own selfish purposes. She knows that people who try to use her do not love her. They are interested in what they can gain from her, not what they can share and create together with her. So, she is not shy to let such unworthy hands that grasp after her feel the piercing of her thorns.

By the time she reaches spiritual maturity, fully blooming as the rose, she understands that she is here on this planet to heal many souls with her inner divine feminine beauty. She can only do this when she takes care of herself. She can allow others to love her, but she can never put her wellbeing or safety into the hands of anyone other than herself and the Divine Mother who watches over her. She is her own woman, this holy rose, a living temple of the goddess, bringing heavenly beauty to Earth.

Sacred Ritual

Say this prayer aloud, “The Madonna of Roses blesses me with the wisdom to share myself with those that truly love me. I forgive those that have tried to use me, and I forgive myself for allowing myself to be used. Now, it is time to start anew, with strong thorns of protection. My rose soul blooms for all to behold.”

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