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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Paeonia

You are now being blessed with prosperity, abundance and creativity. To enhance this time of joy and amplify your experience of grace, practice gratitude. Simply be happy for what you have and what is being given to you. The Universe loves to keep giving to those who are grateful and happy to receive and who give back to life from teh heart with gratitude and a positive attitude.

Paeonia Tarot Card

This is such a healing time for you. The healer within is awakening, and your ability to give and receive healing energy is becoming more powerful. Your soul connection to animals, plants and crystals will support your healing and increase your energy to attract and create positive life situations for yourself and others.

Spiritual Guidance

Are you part woman, part faery queen? It’s that gleam of beautiful brightness, magic and flirtatious mischief in your eyes. Your soul catches the light. If any person or situation makes you feel less than your stunning true self, then take a moment to affirm the truth of your beauty, your magic and your worldly charm.

Remember that you are a glimmering creature, with so much more to offer. Paeonia, the Faery Queen of Peony Flower, brings you an abundance of beautiful blessings to assist you to fulfil your divine destiny: renewal after a deep and profound loss, the sweetness of romance, love and feminine beauty, and special blessings for healing and restoration of the body, mind and soul.

The faery fold are interested in you. They see that you have the ability for healing, for saving the environment, for awakening higher consciousness in others through art, music, dance or the wa that you are with plants, animals and crystals.

In recognition and encouragement of your spiritual purpose and talents, Paeonia brings you abundance and prosperity; she brings you happiness in love and, even, if your heart truly desires it, fame in your future. The Earth Mother and her fae creatures, are encouraging and supporting you wholeheartedly to find and fulfil your life purpose.

Sacred Ritual

If you can listen to nature sounds, alive and in the moment, or through music, do that now. Close your eyes and really listen. Your soul can hear faeries speaking within the sounds of nature. They whisper and sing of magic and beauty and grace to enter the world. Feel gratitude in your heart for these beautiful blessings, and imagine them filling your heart and the hearts of all beings.

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