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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Psyche

You are going to find the exact help that you need at the exact times that you need it. You have the ability to attract resources – and even to create something out of apparently nothing.

Psyche Goddess Tarot Card

Don’t put your focus or your faith in the material world and its seemingly endless obstacles and difficulties. Direct your attention and your trust towards our all-powerful and unconditionally loving Universe, which is your friend and teacher. When you do this, you empower the Universe to help you, and it really wants to, in the most amazing ways.

Spiritual Guidance

Psyche, goddess of the soul, accomplished seemingly impossible tasks as a human being, before she became a goddess. She reminds us that our human courage, intelligence, willingness to go through the unknown and face our fears, even when the obstacles may seem insurmountable, is enough to success. She teaches us how to know when we must do something for ourselves, and when we need to allow others, with their different knowledge and skills, to help us.

She urges us to not be afraid of being vulnerable. She teaches that feeling weak at times doesn’t mean we have no strength to success. We just need to be honest about how we feel, whilst we choose to keep going and believe that somehow everything will work out. That is called faith.

Psyche knows that, just like the emerging butterfly, the biggest challenges in our lives are actually helping us to become what we were always destined to be. Sometimes, we need a push from the Universe to do what we need to fulfil our divine potential. It’s safe to trust what is happening in your life, even when the way ahead intimidates you. Refuse to give up when things get difficult. Remember, goddess-in-training, love will always find a way.

Sacred Ritual

Find some space where you can dance with your eyes closed without bumping into furniture. Play a piece of music that you would like to listen to at this time. Close your eyes and allow yourself to move. Don’t use your mind to tell your body which steps to take. Feel for your soul within. Trust your soul to inspire your authentic self-expression.

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