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Tarot Card Message of the Day: Tribe of the Kindred

Home is where the heart is. Give your heart permission to reveal to you the people, places and activities that feel like home to you. You are in a phase of transition in your life, casting off that which is not true to your heart in favour of that which really feels like it belongs in your world.

Tribe of the Kindred Tarot Card

Sometimes the mind resists, thinking that if we let go of too much we’ll be left with nothing – and that it’s better to hold on, even is something isn’t right. This prevents you from being able to find your way home. It’s safe to trust your heart as it attracts into your world that which is truly meant for you.

Spiritual Guidance

There’s a place where you belong. Maybe you’ve found it, or maybe you are still looking. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to find it. What matters is that you believe you deserve a real home for your beautiful heart, and that you don’t give up until you are there.

Sometimes, that means leaving what you had once hoped would be your home – perhaps more than once – until you find it in the truest, most meaningful and enduring way. The quest for intimate, soul-deep belonging begins with you, with learning to love and care for yourself and to feel at home within your being.

When your heart is ready, and divine timing is right, you will attract and increase your soul tribe. Maybe one person at first, then another, then another. Trust in the higher purpose of divine timing. Sometimes delays or breaking away from past connections are how we find out more of who we are and what we need. Trust that you are worthy of love, and that you know how to love. Make peace with the past – all your experiences have helped you know and become wiser.

Remember that your tribe is looking for you, just as you are looking for them, and will love you, just as you love them. Be at peace, beautiful soul, for your soul tribe, your spiritual family, are part of your divine destiny, and you are a part of theirs.

Sacred Ritual

Place once hand on your heart and say the following invocation aloud, “I call upon my kindred soul tribe, my spiritual family, the true home for my heart. May we be blessed to find, recognize, and love each other at the perfect moment, in the most beautiful way.”

Personalized Tarot Card Readings

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