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Teaching Children Responsibility with Their First Cellphone with Unlimited Plans

Teaching Children Responsibility with Their First Cellphone with Unlimited Plans


Almost a month ago, we got our pre-teen his first cellphone. What I did not realize would happen after giving him his first cellular device, was that it would help teach him responsibility. Before we gave him the cellphone, my husband and I talked with him about the rules that go along with him having his first cellphone with unlimited plans.


What Andrew didn’t realize after getting his first phone, was that he would lose it more than he would have it. As his parents, we closely monitored the activity on his phone by reviewing the cellphone history after he went to bed, and by using the online account management and information. Every time that he broke one of the rules with his phone, he would lose it for 4 days. Before we would give him back the phone, he would need to write us a letter of apology for abusing the privilege. Round and round we went before he finally learned the importance of the privilege for having the phone. He quickly learned that cellphones are a privilege, not a right.


Since the cellphone has had so much downtime inbetween his learning lessons, I was so happy that I purchased him the Concord on rollback from Walmart with the Walmart Family Mobile services. We were able to have #familymobilesaves while teaching our child about the importance of cellphone responsibility.


Andrew loves his new cellphone, and can’t wait to start Junior High with it. I feel safe sending him away from us for the long school days knowing that he will be responsible with his new phone. These are the three things that my son Andrew loves about his new cellphone:

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