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Teaching Kids About Nutrition and Healthy Food Choices

Kids are often stubborn, which parents know well. This is especially evident when it comes time to eat because little ones tend to refuse to eat the foods that are actually nutritional and healthy in favor of various snacks that are not. Many parents are dealing with kids who refuse to eat their meals, which is why it’s important to teach them about the importance of nutrition and healthy food choices. That way, they’ll have a healthy relationship with food which will also positively influence their body image. So for that reason, here are some tips that will help you get there.
Importance of children nurtrition

Create a healthy eating schedule

Kids don’t have the same idea about time as adults, so it’s necessary to establish a healthy eating schedule. Knowing which meal is about to be had can help them create healthy eating habits. Also, there should be no snacking rule, and make sure to remove all the snacks from their vicinity prior to the big meal. By doing so, you’re also protecting their appetite, as they’ll feel actually hungry and willing to eat if there are no sweets and snacks around.

Make cooking a fun activity

If you love preparing meals for your family then cooking is a perfect opportunity to teach your kids about healthy food varieties. For example, by asking them to join you while you’re cooking, you’re also teaching them about the food preparation process and other important facts about nutrition. Kids love to learn through activities that are fun, and in kids’ minds a lot of adult things, such as cooking, are automatically interesting to them. Also, by getting them involved in cooking, you’ll also show them the importance of food prep and having healthy eating habits.

Sneak nutritious fats into their diet

Fats are an important aspect of one’s diet, and despite what you may have been led to believe, they’re not all bad. Trans fats are harmful and should be avoided, but if you want to learn more about what are the most healthy fats then feel free to do so, as that will help you make your kids’ diet more nutritious and healthier. Besides, using healthy cooking oils is always a better alternative to artificial cooking sprays and similar products. And if your kids are old enough to eat and chew on their own, then adding some healthy and fat-rich seeds and nuts is a great way to enrich their diet, by keeping them full for much longer.

Teach your kids proper eating manners

Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong about chewing loudly or slurping. However, teaching kids the proper table manners can also help them eat their food better. Taking smaller bites, chewing slowly, and or putting the fork or spoon in between the bites will also help them incorporate some mindful eating habits, and that can yield amazing results later in adulthood.

Lead by example

The best way to teach your kids about healthy nutrition and the right food choices is to lead by example. After all, children tend to mimic the adults so if you prepare healthy and delicious meals, they’ll see that as a positive thing. Plus, if you set some important rules, such as no eating in front of the TV, you’ll also teach kids to eat only when they’re hungry, not when they need some extra distraction.


In case your kids are being reluctant to eat, these tips might be of help. However, keep in mind that patience is a virtue, so rather than hurrying your kids, be sure to give them time, so they’ll be able to adjust and properly adopt their new healthy eating habits.

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