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Technology Tools You Can Use to Streamline Your Home Business

Whether you started working from home out of necessity or you had a home business all along, you need access to the right tools to be successful. Technology makes working from home more possible now than ever before with enhanced social media choices, ad revenue routes, and business communication tools for workers and customers alike. It’s no longer an elusive dream to strike out on your own and make your mark in the world. Having a business that you run from the comfort of home is becoming the norm.

That said, you need the proper tools in place to make your business thrive, and since I’ve been a freelancer for several years, I have some suggestions to get you started. 

Online Budgeting and Banking

It’s vital for the success of your business to track your revenue and expenses, not to mention your tax obligations. You can use Google sheets to create budget spreadsheets, include calculations for taxes, and make financial statements with Google docs to measure your growth. The great thing about Google is that it’s free. Still, if you aren’t comfortable creating spreadsheets yourself, you could download apps like Mint Money Manager, Goodbudget, or Quicken to keep control of your business finances.

For banking, you can use PayPal or Venmo for invoicing and connect them to your banking institution for easy transfers. Most, if not all, banks offer online services, which may include automatic bill-pay so that you can remove that monthly responsibility from your plate entirely.

Finding Your Supporting Staff

Many entrepreneurs work alone in their home business, but you might get to a point where you want or need to hire help. 

After all, you’re only one person, and assistance might come in handy if you get sick with the flu, have a school meeting for the kids, or are dealing with a severe illness and have a bemer therapy treatment scheduled.

The good news is, there are many sources for hiring help, including Facebook groups, ProBlogger, and Fiverr, where you can find freelancers of all trades to help you with different aspects of your business you’re ready to delegate.

Once you hire or contract out positions, you can use tools to stay in constant communication and share documents with those individuals. Remember, there’s a big difference between hiring and contracting, so make sure you’re clear on the difference so that you can make the best choice for you and your company.

Virtual Conferences and Communication

Virtually hiring your staff is convenient from your home office, but how do you keep in contact with them since email isn’t very efficient? Running your business with employees or contractors becomes challenging when you have people to talk to all over the world in different time zones. To combat that hurdle, there are options like Zoom for conferences and Slack for daily communications and file sharing that will keep your business affairs flowing no matter your location.

The great news is that most of these tools are available for free, including those for organizing your collaborative work on platforms like Trello and Asana. That way, you can keep track of your projects by setting deadlines and assigning duties to either yourself or your helpers.

Save Time While You Streamline

Working from home with your own business can be both gratifying and challenging, but there are tools that I’ve found which make it easier to not only function but to grow. Streamlining the processes you have by using online tools, automated functions, or bringing on additional help will go a long way in giving you the time you need to perfect your business strategies. With a bit of trial and error and a lot of work and cooperation, you can build an online business that will fit seamlessly into your life.

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