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Teen Fun at Legoland Brick-or-Treat Party Nights

We visited as a guest of the venue

Halloween is one of the best times of year to start preparing yourself for the holiday season because after Halloween comes so many more. To start out your holiday season right Halloween needs to be amazing and what better way to do that than with a fun family trip down to Legoland for Brick-or-Treat Party Nights. I have been going to Brick or Treat for years on end with my family, so every tie it comes around I am more than happy to go.

The morning that we were going we put on our costumes and headed down to Carlsbad. We arrived at Legoland and took some pictures in the front of the park an then we went into SeaLife. SeaLife is one of my favorite attractions in Legoland because it shows how Legoland gives back to the community around them by helping little sea creatures. My little brother Tyler and I had so much fun filling out the stamp hunt while we waited for Brick or Treat to begin.

We went on a few rides like the Car ride and the Dinosaur Rollercoaster and got some ice cream, and soon it was time for Brick-or-Treat to start. My brother was dressed up in a Gilly Suit, and my mom and I were bunnies, so we took some cute Halloween pictures and hit the candy stations. One of the things I love about Brick-or-Treat Party Nights is how organized everything is. You don’t have to worry about not being able to go through a certain line to get a certain candy. You can easily access the lines and go through them a few times if you feel like you want a little extra. There was a lot of trick or treat stations, and we went to almost all of them!

We also attended some of the incredibly fun shows like the costume contest. Every year Legoland hosts these crazy themes costume contests where guests from the park enter and everyone gets to watch everyone show off their amazing costumes. My family and I watched the group costume one, and we shared our favorites within each other. There are also tons of other shows and dance parties throughout the night that you can go to.

The last thing we did was go on the haunted cruise. During the Brick-or-Treat Party Nights the regular cruise ride that you see when you first walk into the park turns into a slightly more scary and funnier version. This was probably my favorite part just because of all the comical Halloween and spooky jokes that were made.

Brick-or-Treat Party Nights are only here on limited days that include October 6,13,20, and 27 from 5pm-9pm. Do not miss this epic family experience to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Ella is the OC Mom Blog teen blogger. She is an integrated arts student at the Orange County School of the Arts by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people. Read her column here
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