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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Voice Recording


Teen Titans Go is one of my teenager’s favorite television shows. When he found out that they were making a feature film, he couldn’t wait to see it. You can imagine his surprise when he found out that he would be attending an advance screening of the film, and got the unique opportunity to voice over for one of his favorite characters, Beast Boy.

We arrived at the Warner Brothers Studio lot, and there was a red carpet that led into the theater. Press lined the carpet taking pictures of all the guests arriving at the premiere. My kids were overwhelmed with excitement as we entered the theater where we would take our seats to be one of the first to see the feature film, “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.”

The movie was hilarious, and my children couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire film. It was one joke after another, making it one of my kids favorite summer movies. After seeing the hilarious summer family film, we celebrated the movie with the actors and creators at the festive party. There was music, food, and endless fun.

Then the time had come when my son was invited to the post-production building at the Warner Brothers Studio Lot where he would have the once in a lifetime opportunity to voice over one of his favorite characters, Beast Boy. As he entered the studio, he was overwhelmed with excitement and fascinated by all the equipment used to record the voices for animated films at the Warner Brothers Studios.

It took him just a few minutes to get the hang of voice-over recording and successfully voice recorded Beast Boy in one of the scenes in the upcoming film “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.” It was a moment that he will remember forever and made him fall in love with the movie more than ever.

Don’t miss seeing all your favorite Teen Titans Go characters in their feature film “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies” in theaters this Friday!

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