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Teens First Massage Experience with Zeel

Complimentary Treatment Received

Young woman having massage on spa treatment

The only thing I wanted for Mother’s Day was relaxation. Since we are going to be traveling over Mother’s Day, we celebrated a little bit earlier this year. At the top of my Mother’s Day wish list was to get a massage, but I’ve just been too busy to find half a day to spend at a local spa getting a massage. One of my friends had recommended to me a new massage service called Zeel, that will send a highly trained therapist directly to your home.

Since my teenage daughter had not yet experienced her first massage, I immediately thought that the perfect way to introduce her to massages would be in the comfort of our home. So, I downloaded the Zeel app and scheduled a mother/daughter couples massage within minutes. The app made scheduling a breeze. I was able to select the kind of massage that I wanted, therapist preference, and the date/time. Along with ensuring that the therapist has had a background check, they also ask to scan your photo ID at time of scheduling to protect their therapists who are going to people’s homes.

When the day came for our massage, the therapist arrived with everything we needed. We just needed to move some furniture around to have a large enough open space, provide sheets, and a pillow. The therapist set-up their tables, and then left the room for us to get comfortable. My daughter was showing some hesitation at first about removing her clothing, but since we were in our home, and I was there to help her feel comfortable, it was a positive experience for her.

The massages were excellent. My daughter had a relaxation massage while I got a lot of stress relieved with a Swedish massage. The therapist took their time to ask questions before treatment and cared for each of our individual needs.

Having an in-home massage is a wonderful way to introduce young teens to their first massage, and Zeel makes it easy to schedule a highly trained and background checked therapist to come to your home. Just in time for Mother’s Day, they are offering $25 off your first massage with them by using the code MOM2016.

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