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Teens Get Prepared for Young Adulthood at the Kip Conference

I attended the Kip Conference as a guest

Education for young girls on topics that will genuinely help you succeed in life is not taught in many schools nowadays. That’s why I decided to attend the Kip Conference. The conference helps cover some topics such as safety, financials, and health.

Ella Barone at the Kip Conference

Location of the Kip Conference

The event was held at the Fashion Island Hotel, and we were in a beautiful room with views outside. When I first arrived at the conference, I was given a helpful folder with all of the information regarding the speakers and what I would need throughout the day. The conference lasted from 9-4, and there was a delicious lunch in between.

What Your Teens will Learn at the Kip Conference

We started off with speaking about mindfulness and why it is essential during a high school career and beyond. We learned ways to focus and practice mindfulness when we are at school or at home. We also learned the important parts of your brain that help contributes to how mindful you are being and received some fantastic resources always to be aware of your surroundings.

Learning About Teen Safety

The next speaker was a police officer, and she talked to us about being smart and staying safe. One of the most critical things while growing up is having some excellent advice to follow, and we talked about that in this conference. We learned tips for being in an unsafe environment and the consequences of doing something terrible.

Learning About Depression

Another topic was anxiety and depression. There can never be too much awareness of the things people struggle with every day, especially teenagers. This conversation brought a lot of things to the surface, and it was an excellent time to ask questions and learn.

There were so many more inspirational speakers and learning to be done, but first, we had to eat the fantastic lunch that the Fashion Island hotel had provided for us. At the end of the conference, I had a pad of paper full of useful notes. They also gave us a bag filled with goodies like essential oil, reusable straws, etc.

You can find out more about the Kip Conference at their website.

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