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Ten Tips To Help Stay Healthy This Summer

The summer is just around the corner and that means longer daylight hours and a chance to get outdoors and perhaps enjoy some of that nicer weather we’ve been hoping for all winter. It’s important to look after yourself during this time and to keep yourself as healthy as possible not only for yourself but for others around you. There are plenty of things to help you stay healthy this summer, so here are ten tips to do just that.

Tips for Staying Healthy

Get Outdoors

Often enough, we don’t spend the time outdoors that we need on a daily basis. For those who own dogs or perhaps enjoy exercise outside, these are likely to be the few that actually make the most of the wonderful environment we have on our doorstep. For others, it might be the quick commute to your car or via public transport, to and from work.

It’s important to try and find time to get outside and to also encourage your household to do the same. The beauty of technology also has its downsides and this is definitely one of them. We’re often so consumed with our phones and electronic devices like our television for example, that we sacrifice time outside for spending more of it indoors. But even in all kinds of weather conditions, it’s good to get yourself out for some fresh air.

Fortunately, the weather is likely to be nicer during this time of year and so there will likely be more of an incentive to get outside. Try to make the most of it and where you can, aim to give yourself 20-30 minutes outside each day. It will make the world of difference to your mental wellbeing.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is good for staying hydrated and when summer rolls around, your body is likely to lose a lot more in the way of water content than other other months in the year. Try to stay active on how often you’re drinking water, perhaps taking with you a bottle on the way to work or have it sitting on your desk. Without a good daily intake of water, you’re likely to be more lethargic and dehydrated. That won’t help your body’s health, nor will it do much for your skin too. Our skin requires moisture and water in our bodies to keep it plump and health. When it comes to the type of water to drink, I prefer bottled or filtered water over tap water. Tap water often lacks the high quality I’m looking for. Bottled water and filtered water are both fine in that regard, however, filtered water turns out to be more affordable long-term.

If you’re not a fan of water, then you could always try and flavor it with natural sweeteners like fruit or vegetables perhaps?

Consider Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can certainly affect many of us and there are hundreds of weeds that release pollen, which can contribute to the pollen count and how badly those with allergies are affected. If it’s something that attacks you pretty regularly, then it’s important to make precautions when out and about to help with that.

It could be that you try and stay outdoors only during times where the pollen count is lower. This could be the time of day you go out or the best day of the week. Taking medication can also help combat seasonal allergies and make sure to stay away from anywhere that might set off your allergies all too frequently.

Seasonal allergies can be a pain but it’s something that can be combated to allow you to enjoy the outside world during the summer time.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

Sunscreen is something that’s good to apply every day, even on cloudier days. Those harsh UV rays can penetrate through the clouds and still affect the health of your skin. You want to stop burning where you can because everytime your skin burns, it’s doing damage to your skin. UV ray exposure could lead to skin cancer if you’re not careful and that’s something you want to prevent happening both with yourself and your loved ones.

Try to carry a bottle of sunscreen on you at all times, especially when your face and parts of your body are exposed to sunlight. The more you can top up on a regular basis, the better protected you’ll be.

It’s something that not everyone thinks of but it can really be harmful if you don’t wear it.

Make Healthier Choices With Food

When it comes to your food, it’s important that you’re making the right choices. Of course, you shouldn’t need to rule any type of food out because it’s not healthy enough. Instead, it’s all about making sure you have moderation in what you’re eating. These healthier choices with food can really help to make you feel better in yourself.

Look at what you’re eating currently and how you could tweak or change it to get the right balance of healthy and unhealthy food. After all, food should be something you enjoy and not something that is a simple necessity for staying alive.

Try to experiment with new foods and be open to what you haven’t tried before. You never know, you might end up liking something that your younger self didn’t like before. Your taste buds do mature and change so mix it up when it comes to your food intake.

Be More Careful When Out & About

There are dangers everywhere you go in life. From cars on the road whilst you’re crossing it, to that step you missed when walking up the stairs. It’s always good to pay attention and have caution when it comes to your body. We don’t realize just how vulnerable we are before it’s too late and we injure ourselves or do damage.

As you get older, those injuries can only get worse and be longer-lasting as your body struggles to repair itself quickly. Do what you can to take caution when it comes to your body and just have more awareness for what’s around you.

Try To Relax

If you’re someone who is often working or allowing stress to get to them, then it’s something that you should try and embrace this summer. The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has been one for the history books and many of us have been through a lot of emotional and mental turmoil, as well as having to work harder or deal with the reality of not working.

With that being said, try to relax more where you can and find those outlets that can help you relax. We all have them and they often vary from one person the next. You might find that giving yourself a pamper evening or video calling your friends on a group chat might be more of a stress relief.

Get Exercising

It’s important to do exercise because for our bodies to stay healthy, it’s not simply about eating healthy. It’s good to make sure that your body is getting the energy it needs and that you’re burning that energy through exercise. Whether it’s going for a walk or burning calories with a workout session, it’s good to give yourself a bit of exercise every day.

Exercise is not only good for your physical health, but it can also do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Find the exercise you enjoy doing, rather than it be something that you’re forcing yourself to do simply because it’s been recommended or you’ve not tried anything different.

You might also find it useful to monitor your exercise and to build on the amount of exercise you do. It’s surprising how far along you can come when you put the effort in and track the progress that you are making. It doesn’t always have to be about your weight or how you look. Instead it could be the amount of exercising you do.

Catch Up On Sleep

Sleep is a good way to help revitalize your body and to repair itself from the day’s events. If you’re not getting enough sleep, then that is definitely going to affect your state of mind and also how your body feels on a daily basis. There’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy the summer when you’re feeling tired or run-down.

We take for granted just how effective sleep can be on the body and mind, so try to keep yourself in check when it comes to the amount of sleep you have per night. Make sure you also have a routine in place so that it’s easier for you to fall asleep.

Socialize More

Socializing is good for the mind and it’s something that we should all do more often. However, work life and personal life can often get in the way of that so it’s always good to try and be more organized about who you’re able to see and when.

This may also be a good opportunity to reach out to those you’ve not spoken to in a while. It can be great to spend that time catching up with old friends or family members that you’ve not had a chance to talk to recently.

Making sure you stay healthy this summer is important so use these tips to keep yourself in the best shape and mind possible. Let’s make this summer the best one ever and to make some great memories in the process.

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