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Thai Stretching – Better than Massage

Masseur doing massage on woman body in the spa salon. Beauty treatment concept.

It was a picture I saw at the Renaissance Club Sport on Thai Stretching that first caught my attention. I have always loved to stretch and enjoy simple yoga moves so having a professional assist me with stretching really appealed to me. Lately, I had noticed my neck tightening and I had been having pain in my left hip for months. So much so, that I couldn’t sit comfortably in any position. I just had to try this, so I made an appointment with state licensed massage therapist and AAAI training instructor Ely Leon.

The experience was so much more than what I was expecting. Ely has created a unique system that combines Thai influenced assisted yoga stretch, clinical acupressure, and deep tissue massage. Wow. He spends the first part of the session relaxing and assisting you in stretches using resistance and relaxation techniques. As you breathe in, you use a muscle group (say you start with the leg) to push against his hand. As you breathe out, he gently stretches the leg farther than you could do on your own. Unlike massage where the goal is to stretch muscle tissue, this stretch helps loosen the joints and ligaments which tighten as you age. It improves circulation, assists with muscle recovery and greatly improves range of motion.

As soon as your ligaments and joints are loosened, he begins to apply acupressure. Acupressure is when pressure is applied to acupuncture points with the goal of clearing blockages. This was my favorite part of the session and I found it deeply relaxing particularly when he used the technique on my neck and upper back. I started to forget the guy was even there as I went into a deeply relaxed state of mind.

Once he has you loosened up and relaxed, he can go deeper into the muscle tissue with deep tissue massage to work out any leftover tension within the muscle groups.

I’m telling you girls, this IS the best thing since sliced bread. I highly, highly recommend it. My entire body felt completely loose and relaxed, including my neck. I left the session without any more hip pain and it hasn’t come back since. I felt fantastic when he was done with me and am now begging my husband to spring for some more sessions! This system is Ely’s own creation so you won’t find it anywhere else. The good news is that it is available to Renaissance Club Sport members and non-members alike, so anyone can set up an appointment. Don’t wait, make that appointment today, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

A 60 minute session is $125.00 A package of 6 sessions is $690.00
Mention OCMOMBLOG and get an additional 15 minutes FREE (believe me; you’ll want every extra second you can get)!

To make an appointment, text Ely directly at (949) 291-3863

Ely Leon – BIO
Ely’s trifecta approach to wellness involves bringing balance in terms of fitness, nutrition, and stress management. He has over 12 years of instructional and personal training experience ranging from kids martial arts, sports specific training and independently contracted to train our servicemen in combat training. Ely is also a state licensed Massage Therapist, AAAI certified trainer instructor, mixed martial arts instructor in brazilian ju-jitsu, muay thai, grecko, judo and boxing. He offers a unique thai influenced assisted yoga stretch in addition to joint mobilization, direct or indirect myofascial release, AIS(active isolated stretch), PNF(proprioreceptor neuromuscular facilitation), trigger point, NMT(neuromuscular treatment and clinical acupressure.

In addition to his impressive training experience, Ely has 10 years competing at a high level in collegiate wrestling, grappling, and has professionally fought in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Currently competing in Gi Jiu Jitsu tournaments.
“The human body is the greatest machine man has ever made and I will make you a better functioning machine.”

Degrees & certificates
• State licensed Therapist
• Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
• Certified by creator of battle ropes James Brookfield
• College Grad: international relations minor arabic
• Stroops Functional Performance Equipment certified
• TRX suspension trainer certified
• Heart rate performance certification
Focus area
• Personal Training
• Group Training

Terri Garcia has been a Southern California girl since the age of two. She has lived in Los Angeles County and both North and South Orange County. A stay-at-home mom and confessed “pinaholic”, she loves all things creative. She believes in giving back and practicing random acts of kindness. She finds joy in creating thoughtful, creative gifts, traveling, historical fiction and most importantly being mom to two very active boys. Similar to the Little Red Hen, she likes to do things herself; although in the end, she will happily share the homemade bread with family and friends.
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