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The Best Margarita Recipe (Giveaway)

margarita recipes

Use 1 part tequila…if you are making a single cocktail, a small shot will do.  The reason I break this into “parts” is because it makes making it a breeze. If all you have is a measuring cup in a condo on vacation, you can still make this. 🙂

We use Costco’s Anejo tequila and love it, but when we want pure magic or are entertaining, we use Patron Anejo. It tastes so pure and clean…we guarantee you will love it!

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  1. Strawberry daiqueris and Sex on the Beaches.

  2. Tequila sunrise

    • A great margarita of course!

  3. A great margarita of course!

  4. strawberry margaritas 😛

  5. I love any fruity martinis – like lychee martinis or green apple martinis. Yum!

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