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The Best Ice Cream in La Paz: La Fuente

We dined as a guest of La Paz

Best dessert in La Paz

Whenever I am in Mexico, I have to go for ice cream. When I had my first taste of ice cream while on a mission trip in Ensenada, it was love at first bite. The ice cream made in Mexico is nothing even close to the ice cream sold in the US because everything is made from scratch using real ingredients. Just hours after landing in La Paz, we had lunch at Bismarkcito, explored museo de la ballena, and then cooled down with some delicious ice cream at La Fuente.

La Fuente Ice Cream in La Paz

La Fuente is well known along the baja coastline for having some of the best ice cream in the region. The restaurant is decorated with festive colors that is inviting for families and has one of the largest selection of flavors (even some with alcohol added for adults).

La Fuente ice cream flavors

Getting ice cream in La Paz

When we entered the ice cream shop, the aroma from the freshly made cones tantalized my taste buds. There was such a large variety of flavors that made it hard to choose just one. I was able to sample some flavors that I have never had before, but I still ended up getting the same flavor that I normally get while in Mexico, coconut. To mix things up, this time, I tried the roasted coconut vs. the regular coconut ice cream. It was like heaven in my mouth as the flavors exploded with every bite. The ice cream was creamy, delicious, and loaded with shredded coconut.

Entrance to La Fuente in La Paz

I had the ice cream inside of a freshly made cone and savored every bite while strolling along the Malecon. It was the perfect way to begin my time in La Paz, and I couldn’t help but return for more before heading back to the airport to fly home.

Polka dot tree in La Paz

oyster sculpture in la paz

exploring la paz

While visiting La Paz with your family, make plans to have ice cream at La Fuente. I guarantee that you’ll never find ice cream like it anywhere else in the world.

Coconut ice cream in La Paz

Handmade cones at La Fuente

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