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The D6 SurfSkimmer in Action

d6 Surfskimmer

We hit the beach last weekend with a new family beach toy…the D6 Sports SurfSkimmer.

The SurfSkimmer is a new product from D6 Sports that offers those who are new to skimboarding a new twist with some entry level support.

D6 SurfSkimmer

The D6 SurfSkimmer is built for young and old alike with a weight limit of 150 pounds…we love that our whole family can enjoy it!

run beside the d6 surfskimmer

The SurfSkimmer features gripper technology to help prevent slipping.  When you are running alongside the SurfSkimmer and ready to hop on, try to land on the black strip in the center of the board…

and enjoy the ride!

how to ride the d6 surfskimmer

The SurfSkimmer is easy to learn but will require practice. Make sure you spend time teaching your children the basic of how to run with it and where to land when they jump on it so they do not slip.

d6 surfskimmer

The handle on the SurfSkimmer is designed well to allow it to flex to the left and right.  After using the SurfSkimmer, we did wish the handle were a bit wider to allow for a bit more ease of running along side it.  The great thing is the handle is removable so you can convert the SurfSkimmer to a traditional skimboard when you are ready!

d6 surfskimmer

d6 surfskimmer review

We gave the SurfSkimmer a solid test this weekend in rougher waters and a max weight limit and can attest that it truly does support riders up to 150 pounds (…and a little more. 😉 ).

d6 surfskimmer

To ride the SurfSkimmer, push it in front of you with your dominant hand and then handle positioned a bit lower.  As you run along side the SurfSkimmer in shallow water, continue pushing as the handle moves a bit more upright.  Once it is upright, hop onto the black gripper strip in the center and show your moves.

d6 surfskimmer

The handle also allows you to pull the SurfSkimmer out of the water with a bit more ease…

d6 surfskimmer

The construction is certainly good quality and at 41 inches, the size seems very appropriate without being too large.  It is easy to carry and transport as well.

d6 surfskimmer

For younger ones who are just learning, the SurfSkimmer allows them to get the hang of how it feels.  Our son is completely new to beach water sports so he practiced skating a bit with the SurfSkimmer to build his confidence.

D6 SurfSkimmer beach

The SurfSkimmer retails for $69.99, which we think is a good value especially considering it can be used for beginners and offers the conversion to the skimboard for those who have advanced skills.  It is available in green or a teal blue color through

Be sure you follow the SurfSkimmer fun on Facebook and Instagram, too!

Thank you to D6 Sports for the chance to be one of the first to try the SurfSkimmer!  Let us know if you have any questions…our question for you is…have you ever tried skimboarding or something like SurfSkimming?

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