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The Day of the Liposuction Procedure


It has been a year since having my breast lift surgery. I told myself that I would give 110% to trying to get my pre-baby body back naturally for one year. I tried everything. I tried every diet. I tried every exercise, and yet I wasn’t able to get my body back. One year after my breast surgery, I scheduled my appointment to have liposuction done at CosmetiCare with Dr. Champion.

The morning of the surgery, I was very nervous. I woke up early. Took a shower with the special cleanser that CosmetiCare provided me with, dried my hair, got on my loosest clothes, and then got into the car to head to CosmetiCare.

When I arrived at CosmetiCare; the staff welcomed me into the office. They took me back into the pre-op room. In the pre-op room was a small bed with my surgical garments on top and an IV awaiting me. The nurse took my blood pressure and then had me give her a urine sample to ensure that I was not pregnant before my surgery.

Then I was able to get undressed and into my surgical gown. Once I was dressed in my surgical gown, the nurse came back into the room and went over all my medications with me. She told me what medications to take and when to take them after the surgery. She also included instructions for my husband to read for when I got home.

After going over the medications, it was time for the one thing that I dread – the IV. I clenched my hands as tight as possible as she inserted the IV into my arm. The nurse knew how worried I was and she was very gentle and then had the anesthesiologist come into the room to help give me something to relax.

Once I was all ready for surgery, Dr. Champion came into the room and started drawing the parts of my body that she wanted to target. She took her time to talk to me about the different targeted areas and how the procedure was going to go. She made me feel comfortable and at ease through the entire process.

Finally, the time had come for them to walk me into the operating room. The nurses got me comfortable on the operating table, and then within minutes, I was asleep.

When I woke up, my husband was there, and I was experiencing a great deal of pain. The nurses gave me pain medication and made sure I was 100% comfortable before going home. I had also opted to have a CO2 laser done on my face, so my face was covered in white gel, but I didn’t feel any sense of pain from it.

The ride home was a little bit uncomfortable, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. When I got home, my husband got me comfortable in my bed, and I drifted off to sleep. I slept most of the night and got up every 4-6 hours for pain medications and to use the restroom.

Stay tuned for my update on the next 24 hours…
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