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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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The Emoji Movie World Premiere

We attended as a guest of Sony

Ever since my kids saw the first trailer for the Emoji Movie on television, they couldn’t wait to go see the movie. As the release date for the movie got closer, my kids were talking more and more about the movie; more than any other movie before. Then when I got an email inviting us to attend the world premiere of the Emoji Movie in Hollywood, they were running around the house screaming with excitement.

The night before the premiere, my kids were so excited that they couldn’t sleep. In the morning, they were up and ready to go bright and early. As I drove our Kia Sorento to Los Angeles, the kids and I talked all about our favorite emoji’s and what part of the movie we were the most excited about seeing.

When we arrived at the premiere, there was a line of kids thrilled to go through the security gates to attend the premiere. As we took our first step on the blue carpet, we were handed a large shopping bag that would soon be filled with every emoji product imaginable.

My kids started by playing a fun skee ball game where they won some cool emoji merchandise. My younger son was a champ at the game and won almost every time that he played.

The blue carpet was filled with giant emoji’s to take keepsake photos with. Of course, we had to take a picture with my kids favorite emoji – poop! There was also a pizza emoji, happy face emoji and more just waiting for kids to come up and greet them and take selfies.

Since my kids are having as much of a digital-free summer as possible they skipped the video game lounge and VR. There was so much for the kids to do and see that they didn’t feel bad about missing out on the gaming fun.

My favorite part of the premiere party was watching my kids play in the giant ball pit. The ball pit was located inside of a truck where kids could play an interactive game or capture their silliness with a boomerang. I had flashbacks of when the kids were little while watching them play in the ball pit.

Then there was food – so much food. There were tacos from the Lime Truck and corn dogs from Hot Dog on a Stick, Pizza, churros, snow cones, soda, ice cream sundaes and more. It was pure sugar bliss for every kid attending the premiere.

The kids didn’t want the fun to end, but the minute that they heard the movie was about to start, they collected their things to walk over to the theater. While on their way to the theater, they captured photos with some of their favorite celebrities. They got to take a picture with Christina Aguilera, T.J Miller, Cameron Boyce, Jennifer Coolidge, and J.T Austin.

Everyone took their seats inside of the theater in anticipation of the movie starting. Once the movie began, my children were laughing throughout the entire film. It was such a great summer movie, and your kids are going to love it just as much as mine did.

After the movie, we got back into our Kia Sorento and drove along the 405 back to Orange County. My kids were talking about the amazing day that they had the entire way home.

Don’t miss bringing your kids to see the Emoji Movie in theaters this Friday, July 28th.

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