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The Friend Trusted App for Home Improvement and Repair

The Friend Trusted App for Home Improvement and Repair

We all know that moment…the one where something breaks in your home or you know you need an improvement done.  That moment where you picture the next few days spent calling to find good service providers, getting estimates, and playing phone tag.

You can now take all of the worry out of this process with the Friend Trusted app.  Friend Trusted, available on both iOS and Android platforms, is an easy to use app where you submit a video or photo of your problem and Friend Trusted handles the rest.


 When using Friend Trusted, you choose what type of service you need from a user friendly interface.  With a simple tap, you move onto the next step where you submit a description of what you need.

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Users will enjoy that this process is very simple and takes under five minutes. Friend Trusted allows users to submit their need by snapping a photo or taking a video and simply enjoying their normal life while Friend Trusted handles the rest.  The quotes come in without having to meet with a single person or making a single phone call.

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I had one question come up and submitted my question with the live chat support and had a response withing a couple minutes.

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After your information is submitted, you receive the list of service providers that Friend Trusted will contact for estimates.  The more specific you are with the issue you are having, the more in line your estimates will be.

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Friend Trusted is already easy to use at this point, but to get the notice that your estimates will come in right through the app makes it even easier.

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The entire process to submit an issue and wait for estimates was easy for me and removed the stress and back and forth in phone calls and follow ups for our family…a true lifesaver.

Users of Friend Trusted can also earn points toward Amazon gift cards as well when they refer friends, rate the app and interact with the app itself.  Friend Trusted is an app that truly makes YOUR life easier because someone else handles the pesky and annoying phone calls and emails to find the right service provider…and you can earn a few dollars in the process.

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Friend Trusted is a FREE app available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded by going to Friend Trusted’s website or through the app store.  When you download through the app store, the app is called “Home Improvement and Repair by Friend Trusted, inc.

Disclosure: We received compensation for our time to review this app.  All opinions are that of the OC Mom Blog.

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