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The Future is Bright with Future-Worm

We attended the event as a guest of Disney

Disney XD Future Worm

Do your kids like The Amazing World of Gumball? Adventure Time? Then you’re going to find them quickly changing the channel to Disney XD to watch the coolest new animated series Future-Worm, that debuts on August 1st. While I was in Los Angeles earlier this month learning about the upcoming film “The BFG,” I got a chance to watch the first couple of episodes of Future-Worm and immediately knew it would become my teenage sons favorite series.

Scene from Future-Worm

It is a fast paced, action packed, animated series that speaks directly to the pre-teen/teenage demographic. It is filled with silly jokes, crazy adventures, and cool characters. After watching the episodes, we had a chance to speak with the creator of the show, Ryan Quincy.

Quincy has worked in animation for almost 20 years and was one of the talented masterminds behind many popular series including South Park. He had always wanted to make a show for kids, and so he created Future-Worm. “It’s a lot of fun, absurd; it’s silly. It’s the most fun I’ve had in animation,” said Quincy.

Interview with the creator of Future-worm

The series features three cartoons in a half-hour period (11-minute, 3-minute, and 7-minute). “We’ve got a nice variety of adventure to tell, and we made sure there’s some science education in there,” said Quincy.

Quincy’s kids love the show and have helped to give their dad some notes when creating the series. When working on an episode that involved shoestring fries, his son helped him to change the wording in the episode from ‘I hate shoestring fries’ to ‘I love shoestring fries.’ “They love it. It’s been fun to share it with them,” said Quincy.

Future-Worm Ryan Quincy

Quincy has always loved time travel and adventure shows. He shared with us that he is good friends with Justin Roiland, who did Rick and Morty. When he talked with them about making a time travel show, he told him, “If you’re gonna do that, there’s always the rules you have to deal with.” Quincy said, “forget the rules, and I barreled ahead.”

Don’t miss introducing your kids to Future-Worm on Disney XD starting on August 1st. It is tubular!

Photo Credit: (Disney XD/Richard Harbaugh)

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