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The Hairs of Venus: Golden Rutilated Quartz

While looking for some Moldavite, I stumbled upon a cute little store in San Clemente where I ended up spending a couple of hours with the owner looking over his unique crystal collection. Two of the crystals that I was immediately drawn to were the Golden Rutilated Quartz (aka The hairs of venus) and the Red Rutilated Quartz (aka red hair quartz).

Golden Rutilated Quartz

The Golden Rutilated Quartz is a powerful healing stone with vibrations to help you with connecting with angels. The minute that I held the stone, I could feel its calm and loving vibration. It is very uplifting and joyful. It will help you with infusing light into your energy field.

Healing Properties

Gold Rutilated Quartz

Filters negativity
Stimulate hair growth
Aid with respiratory wellness
Balancing of your heart
Cleans and energizes
Strengthen motivation/willpower

The combination of the quartz and rutile brings through intense energy. It will aid with amplifying your thoughts, stimulate your creativity, and aid you with manifesting your life. Most of the gold rutilated quartz comes from Brazil or Madagascar.

The Hairs of Venus Quartz

One of the things that I love about this crystal is that it can aid with clearing all of your chakras. Plus, it can amplify the energy of other crystals that it touches!! Use this crystal to filter all of your negative thoughts, boost your energy, and work on creating a strong communication with the Divine.

Where to Purchase

The stone can usually be found in jewelry. A lot of jewelry makers use it with wire jewelry. I was able to find the lose crystals at The Art of Inner Peace in San Clemente.

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