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The Haute Room in Tustin will motivate you

We attended as a guest of The Haute Room


What makes The Haute Room stand out from other fitness studios. . .  .the workout!   First, let me explain what Lagree fitness is.  The Lagree fitness incorporates five basic elements: Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Body Composition, and Flexibility.

From the Lagree fitness website:

Put simply, LAGREE FITNESS™ is the only workout that EFFECTIVELY combines Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core and Flexibility training not only in one session but in each and every move. The key term here is effective. Lagree Fitness™ is intense on the muscles, but low-impact and safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues.

In order for a training method to be effective, it is important to train at an Effective Intensity. The body needs to reach a certain threshold of exercise intensity to stimulate the body’s adaptive changes. Reaching the intensity threshold depends on many factors such as body type and fitness level, and is different for everyone. When the body is training at an effective intensity and the muscles are being effectively stimulated, the results can be maximized. The Lagree Fitness™ Training Method utilizes 5 key elements to reach Effective Muscle Stimulation:

Lagree Fitness™ uses spring resistance which is variable and allows for peak muscle contraction while reducing the stress on the joints and the connective tissue.

Lagree Fitness™ focuses on form and each movement is kept within the range of motion that targets the specific muscle or group of muscles.

The Lagree Fitness™ equipment is adjustable to allow for training at different angles to help recruit different muscle groups.

Lagree Fitness™ utilizes slow and controlled movements. None of the movements are performed using momentum. When working with and against resistance slowly, the tension on muscles stays constant, recruiting more muscle fibers. Slow and controlled movements activate the slow-twitch fat-burning muscle fibers.

Each set is performed for at least 60 seconds to stimulate both the fast and slow-twitch muscle fibers. Transitions are kept to a minimum to keep the muscles working and the heart rate up.

2015-02-28 13.09.59

When I started posting pictures of the new workout I was trying, a lot of my friends that I was using a torture device.  Yes, the Megaformer machine looks a little intimidating but I promise you, what it does is work wonders.  Lagree Fitness is a full body workout that leaves you begging for more.  After my first workout, I hurt in places I never thought I’d hurt but I knew I wanted to go back.  The music is pumping and you will be asked to do the wheelbarrow, the bear and the french twist.  No, I’m not talking about the hair do, but these are names of the moves you do on the megaformer.  It took me a couple of weeks to pick up on the names of the moves but each workout had me realizing that I am stronger than I think.  What I like about The Haute Room, is the instructors MOTIVATE you, they don’t let you give up.  You’ll hear them say, “Even if you just do the move once” or “You can do just one”.  They are right.  You’ll find that you can do it more than once and that fear is what is stopping you.  I woke up each morning and couldn’t wait to get there.  My husband immediately noticed a change in me.  I was happier, had more energy and had definition in my arms and legs.   I have lost over 8 inches in my hips and 6 inches in my thighs.  I haven’t felt this strong in years.  If you don’t have a lot of time and want to get the most from your workout, then The Haute Room is the place for you!


Located in Tustin, across from the Tustin Marketplace at 13265 Jamboree Road, Tustin, CA 92782.   Check out their website or contact them at (714) 425-9407.  I promise, this will be one of the best workouts you ever try.

Chantile is a wife and stay at home mom to an amazing little girl. She is active in her daughters school, enjoys volunteering and is always looking for her next marathon or triathlon to tackle
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