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The Perfect Diaper for Little Movers


I recently decided to try Huggies Little Movers Diapers to try out on my daughter. These new diapers feature their new moving baby system that gives the diapers 30% more flex.

I ordered a size four for my 17-pound 10-month-old daughter. I could have gone with a size three but decided to size up just in case, because it was my first time using the brand.

The diapers are very soft. On the outer diaper, they have an adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse print. Down the middle, there is a Huggies wetness strip that changes color to indicate a wet/soiled diaper – I really love that feature.

The Huggies wetness strip saves my daughter from the dreaded diaper checks that she dislikes.

Another great addition to these diapers is the Double Grip Strips. They hold the diapers tabs snug against the diaper, so the sides of the diapers do not slide out. It is helpful if you have a heavy wetter.

The little Movers Diapers also have up to 12-hour leak lock protection. It makes the diapers great to use overnight. We have been using them the past few weeks with zero leaks.

On the inside of the diapers, you will notice the Snugfit Waistband. This band has five rows of an elastic-like band in it which make the diapers fit great, and also it helps keep the diapers stay in place when your little ones are on the move.

Another feature of these Little Movers diapers is a diamond patterned Dry Touch Liner that absorbs on contact keeping your babies dry. It helped keep my daughter rash free and happy all night long.

My daughter can be very sensitive to diapers, and thankfully she did not have a single issue switching to these diapers. The cost of these diapers is also way more economical than the diapers we were using. As a mom of 4 kiddos, this is important.

I cannot say enough good things about these diapers.

As an added bonus, In select boxes and packages of the Huggies Little Movers, there is a code to download an entire Disney album, which is over a $10 value. I downloaded a Disney Princess album with our free code, which my daughter has been enjoying.

I think these Huggies Little Movers have won us over and we will not be going back to our old brand.

Dawn Maltin is a Loving wife and devoted stay at home mom to three amazing little boys, and a new baby girl! Her philosophy is family first and everything else second. She is a self proclaimed craft-a-holic. When she is not knee deep in family adventures you can find her making,baking and crafting just about any and everything. If she does not know how to make something, you can be sure she will learn and master it before too long. She also has a love for fine dining,travel and reading.
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