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The Shell Shop

The Shell Shop in Morro Bay

Every little kid loves to collect shells. Over the years, it has become a hobby that children are no longer able to participate in at most local beaches. Instead of collection shells, my children have enjoyed collecting sea glass from our local beaches over the years. While we were visiting Morro Bay this summer, we stumbled upon The Shell Shop, and my children were in pure bliss.

Largest Collection of shells in the Central Coast

Beautiful shells at The Shell Shop in Morro Bay

The inside of The Shell Shop in Morro Bay

The Shell Shop has been in business since 1955 and has the largest collection of shells on the central coast. Inside of the store was wall to wall shells, and every type of shell that an ocean lover could have desired. There were shell sculptures, jewelry cases adorned with shells, and decorative corals. There was something for everyone.

Beautiful decoration made of shells

Sand and Shells souvenir at the shell shop in Morro Bay

Children looking at shell collection

My children spent hours filling their small velvet bags with their favorite shells to cherish as a keepsake from our time spent in Morro Bay. They were also about to purchase postcards to send home to their grandparents, and my daughter purchased a beautiful 18k gold sand dollar charm.

Giant puffer fish at The Shell Shop in Morro Bay

Collection of Rare Coral at The Shell Shop

Inside of The Shell Shop

When visiting Morro Bay, The Shell Shop is a place that families won’t want to miss seeing. The Shell Shop is located at 590 Embarcadero in Morro Bay.

Large collection of  abalone Shells

Shell decor

Large collection of shells at The Shell Shop

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog! I’m so glad you enjoyed the shop! Kids (of ALL ages, ha!) love the wonders of the sea. All are welcome to browse our treasures.


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