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The World of Cars Takes Flight with Disney Planes Movie


The world of Cars takes flight with Disney Planes movie in theaters today. Your children will be immersed into the magical world above Cars Land in this high-flying adventure. The star of the film, Dusty, will bring your children on his journey of making his dreams come true.


The film sends a heartwarming message to children, teaching them that nothing is impossible. When everyone told Dusty that he was meant to be a crop duster for his entire life, he was not going to give up his dream of flying around the world.


Not only will children learn the anything is possible in life if you put your mind to it, but they will also learn the importance of friendship. While your children go on the magical adventure with Dusty through the clouds above Cars Land, they will also see how friendship is what helped get him through the challenges of his journey.


Today is the first day that your children can get in the pilots seat, and experience this new world in theaters. Before the film was released today, we got an opportunity to speak with Teri Hatcher (the voice of Dottie) on raising a Disney family, learned about how the film evolved with the director Klay Hall, went through the storyboard process with Art Hernandez, animated our very own scene in the film, and got an opportunity to record at the Disney Toon Studios. The film has a special place in heart after getting an opportunity to watch the film evolve over the past couple of months, and we shared our thoughts in our Disney Planes parent guide.


If your children loved the movie Cars, than they are going to love Disney Planes too. Disney Planes is currently in theaters, and there is a showing with a special pre-show event at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles.until September 18th.

Photos are courtesy of Disney and cannot be used without permission. 

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