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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Things To Do In Barcelona

From the title, you may be thinking, do I really need to be told what to do in Barcelona? I mean, you’re in Spain, for crying out loud! But yes, while Barcelona is easily one of the most romantic and architecturally stunning cities in the world, there are must-sees and dos while you’re there that you want to know about before you pack your bags. So, make sure you preemptively purchase some CBD pet products to help your pup from missing you while you’re on what’s guaranteed to be one of the most unforgettable trips you’ll ever take!

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Enjoy The Food 

If you’ve never been to Spain or Europe in general, you are in for a real treat when it comes to the food. Something about it tastes richer, made more simply, and just healthier over there. You may have a hard time where you live coming up with things to do on a date, but when you’re in BCN, everywhere you turn, there’s a romantic cafe or seaside view; you don’t need any help in that department. 

The coffee bars in Barcelona are second to none. You can plan on skipping your hotel morning coffee (no matter how luxurious the hotel may be) and merely walk out the front of the hotel. Within a block, you’ll find a charming coffee shop to sit outside and enjoy a perfect Spanish cafe au lait or espresso. Additionally, you’ll never have tapas as impressive as the tapas you’ll enjoy in Barcelona. Don’t worry if you’re not an adventurous eater or have a specific dietary restriction or lifestyle choices you follow, like plant-based or paleo. There are plenty of “traditional” restaurants there as well. It is a popular tourist destination after all, and as you’ll see, with good reason. 

The Night Life 

Things move at a different pace in a large European city like Barcelona, and you’ll notice those cultural differences pretty immediately. Dinner is eaten much later by locals there than it is on this side of the pond. Think 9 to 10 pm as dinner time. But, after dinner, the nightlife gets going. From rooftop concerts or DJ’d events to some of the most upscale clubs you’ve ever walked into, if you’re looking for a bustling nightlife, you’ll find it there quickly.

Additionally, if you’re looking for more of a rock and roll vibe, there are plenty of music venues to check out in the city. Tattoo shops abound too, so if you’re extra rock and roll, why not get a tattoo to remember the city by? Just kidding, or am I? Seriously though, even if you’re a bit of a homebody, it’s worth spending a night or two out on the town to see how lively and vibrant the Barcelona culture is and how much they appreciate and enjoy life! If you’re traveling with young children, however, a stroll along the seaside and ice cream cone can be just as exciting, and the people watching will be memorable.

The Art, Enough Said 

It’s not just that there are world-class museums in Barcelona, from the Picasso Museum to the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and many exhibits in between. But, the architecture of the city is the most breathtaking art you’ll see on your visit. A Famous architect, Gaudi’s touch is felt all throughout the city and a simple stroll turns into a walking art exhibition of its own. Casa Mila is also known as La Pedrera, and it is one of the Barcelona buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi. La Pedrera is a must-see while you’re visiting. The view from your hotel room offers a breath of fresh air with its winding streets instead of straight and grid-like. You see fresh clothing drying on a balcony or seasonal flowers, all while breathing in the sea air. It’s pure magic. 

Speaking Of The Sea 

And of course, if you’re visiting Barcelona in the summertime, you must enjoy the seaside. There’s definitely a different vibe to a European beach versus beaches throughout the rest of the world, but it’s one you’ll enjoy immensely. You may even see someone nude! The bottom line – if you’re visiting during the Summertime, pack a bathing suit because there are several beaches to choose from (some even artificial), and they’re all gorgeous. 

You’re going to have a fantastic time while visiting Barcelona, and there is no doubt about the fact that there is something (many things) for everyone in the city. Happy Trails!

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