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Thinking Of Having Concrete Floors At Home

Considering getting concrete floors for your home? If so, then you should take into account a few things before making that decision. This article will discuss some of the things that you should consider before getting concrete floors at home so you can make an educated decision.

Do You Have Pets?

If you own any pets you should consider their safety as well when installing new floors. If you’ve ever asked yourself is concrete harmful to dogs, then you’re on your way to a good start. When you have pets it’s smarter to get polished floors because they don’t emit VOCs that are dangerous for them.


It’s really the safest option, and getting polished concrete in Brisbane offers you the best flooring options. You also need to consider how your pets will be able to adjust before getting a nice new floor at home. They might not immediately love having such surfaces under their feet, so it’s important that they can get used to them slowly but surely. 

Consider The Different Types 

There are different types of concrete floors with different features and benefits, so getting concrete floors should be a considered decision. Depending on where and how would you like to use your flooring, there are a lot of options you can go for. One of the most popular is concrete stamping which is great for outdoor patios.

  • Concrete floors with mosaic tiles are among the most popular types of concrete floors are those which have mosaic tiles in them. The advantage to getting these is that they can create almost any effect you’re looking for, so your options are very flexible when it comes to getting exactly what you want with this type. If there is one disadvantage, however, it would have to do with how expensive getting concrete floors like this can be if you really go all out with the design and effects. It definitely adds up quickly!
  • Marble concrete floors are one other option when getting these installed, especially if money isn’t too big an issue for you, are getting marble concrete floors. The advantage to getting these is that they are much more durable than getting an actual natural stone floor, yet have the same look and feel. Additionally, getting a type of floor like this can be easier on your bank account as well!
  • Decorative concrete floors have many different types of designs you can get for this which not only make them visually appealing but also functional too. 
  • Polished concrete floors are getting increasingly popular these days and for good reason. The advantage to getting polished concrete floors is that they are extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about getting cracks or any other damage done. 

Think About How They’re Cleaned 

The process of cleaning concrete floors is a little different from how other types of flooring get cleaned. Concrete can’t be polished or sealed, so getting it clean takes a lot more effort and attention to detail. 

The first step in getting them clean actually happens before they’re poured! While you might want an industrial-strength concrete that’s rough on the surface but strong inside, sometimes this makes for very tough cleaning later on down the road when things get dirty. You may want to consider getting one with either higher sand content or even some polymers blended into it which will make your life easier while also ensuring its strength isn’t diminished at all by adding various chemicals during production instead of after installation.

Another consideration would be whether you’ll need epoxy coating after getting your concrete floors poured. While this will add a bit to the cost and time, if you’re getting them for an area that’s always going to be getting dirty like near cooking appliances or in front of the garage door then it may well be worth considering as bare concrete can get stained much more easily than other flooring types such as carpeting or hardwood.


Concrete floors are usually more affordable than tiles and natural stone flooring, and they are pretty durable as well. They are not as enduring as other types of material such as marble or granite, but they are still able to live pretty long before needing to be replaced. If you want to make sure that your home will be safe from dampness and flooding during the heavy rain season, getting concrete floors might be a good idea. Concrete won’t allow water to seep in quite easily. But, you’ll still have to protect it just in case.

They Are Colder 

One thing you must know is that concrete floors are colder than other flooring options. If you’re getting your home or business space fully carpeted, wood or tiles then that won’t be an issue for you since these surfaces will keep the heat in and maintain a comfortable temperature inside.


Concrete floors are popular nowadays because they’re low-maintenance and can be made nice. If you have dogs, get polished ones and always consider the many different types you can get. Also, make sure to learn how to clean them and know that they are more durable, but also colder than other flooring solutions. Good luck installing them, it’s suggested that you use professionals for this job!

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