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Three Reasons Teens Should Watch The Lion King


The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie ever created. I feel that once people see the Lion King, they will fall in love with just like I did. Now that I am a teenager, all of my friends want to watch the latest movie release, but I feel that we should also relive our love for childhood classics like the Lion King. Recently, I saw the Lion King for the first time as a teenager with my friends during a backyard movie night, and it was like seeing it for the first time. These are my three reasons why teenagers should watch the Lion King.

The music. Almost every teenager loves music, and the Lion King has the best music ever. If you are like me and value music most when it comes to movies, then this is your movie. Not only are most of the songs catchy, but they all have a true heart felt meaning. My personal favorite is the Circle of life at the very beginning. Some of the most famous Disney music is in the film.

Another reason to love this movie is the sweet characters. Simba, Pumba, and Timone easily make for the best Disney characters on this earth. I just wanted to reach into the screen and give them a big hug. Ever since seeing the Lion King as a child, I’ve seen the characters go on many more adventures with the television show and Broadway production. It was great to see them again where it all began in the original film.

Finally, it is the message behind the story. The story of the Lion King is one of the most iconic story lines. The story talks about friendship. As a teenager, it was a good reminder of how important it is to stick by your friends through thick or thin. It also talks a lot about loss. As I am getting older, so are my grandparents. A lot of my friends are starting to lose their grandparents, and it is a hard thing to handle. The movie can help some teens who might be experiencing a loss in their family.

These are just three of the reasons I love the Lion King, but I could name at least ten more. I am so excited that the Lion King has been released again on blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere. I highly recommend getting a copy and watching it with your family (including your teens).

Ella is the OC Mom Blog teen blogger. She is an integrated arts student at the Orange County School of the Arts by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people.
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  1. Lion king is the best film you will ever watch it has something for everyone(if you know what i mean)

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