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Three Reasons To Get Excited About Starting Invisalign Treatment


“I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son has received complimentary treatment.”

My older brother, Andrew, has been in Invisalign treatment for about a year and a half now. I have seen him go through the treatment and I have loved the way it works. When I look at him now, he is always smiling more, and is so much more confident when he talks, or when other people talk to him – I can’t wait to gain the same self-confidence.

I recently had my first consultation with Dr. Passamano in Irvine where he inspected my teeth and talked to me about how my Invisalign treatment will go. He shared with me how the Invisalign aligners work and what I could expect during my treatment. My treatment plan is starting with me needing to have a couple of baby teeth pulled (that should have already come out), and then I get started transforming my smile. I left Dr. Passamano’s office so excited, and these are the three reasons why I cannot wait to begin my Invisalign treatment.

One of the main reasons I am excited about starting my Invisalign treatment is because I need a lot of movement in my mouth, and I would love being able to do that without the pain and battle of traditional braces. My friends with traditional braces are always complaining about how painful they are, and I have never heard my brother complain once about being in pain from his Invisalign aligners. Plus, I am a foodie, and I want to be able to eat what I want and not have to worry about it pulling out a wire or food getting stuck in the braces. We’ve all known someone who has had a bracket pulled off their teeth when eating something, and who wants to experience that? Not me!

Another one of the main reasons why Invisalign is my first choice for getting the perfect smile is because I am a cheerleader and I need to smile a lot in cheer competitions, and I mean a whole lot! I always smile without showing my teeth, and I can’t wait to smile without feeling insecure about the way my teeth look. With Invisalign, I can be more happy smiling and feel more confident while I cheer, and I don’t have to worry about injuries to my mouth like I would with traditional braces.

Once of the last reasons of why I am excited to start treatment is because my teeth will be moving and nobody will even know it (unless I tell them of course.) You can barely see the Invisalign aligners when they are in your mouth, and I can’t wait to have my smile transform while living my day to day life.

Invisalign treatment is for people of all ages and can be used for major or minor movements of the teeth. If you are eligible to get regular braces, then you are eligible to get Invisalign. I would go with Invisalign over conventional braces any day – who wouldn’t? Especially when knowing that the cost of Invisalign is the same or sometimes just a little more than traditional braces. Plus, if you have a busy family like mine, your parents will love that they don’t have to take you to the dentist as much as you would need with traditional braces.

Get ready to follow along with my journey experiencing the Invisalign treatment over the next year right here at the OC Mom Blog!!

Learn more about how Invisalign can change your smile by getting a consultation with your closest Invisalign participating orthodontist.


Ella is the OC Mom Blog teen blogger. She is a student by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people.
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