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Three Reasons Your Kids Will Love SUPER 4

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I grew up playing with Playmobil toys, and couldn’t wait until my children were old enough to explore their imagination with the interactive toys. Over the years, I have watched my children play with their favorite Playmobil toys. When Netflix announced their new series, SUPER 4 based on the toy line, I couldn’t wait to watch it with my children. Ever since the series debuted last month, we have fallen in love with the characters, and these are three fun reasons why your kids will enjoy watching too.


Imagination! The series has encouraged my younger son to be creative. After watching an episode, he will continue the adventure through play with his Playmobil characters. He takes the stories and expands on them by bringing his Playmobil characters on all new adventures inspired by the series.


Values. The series encourages children to have kindness, teamwork and honesty. The characters are good role models for children in the series by demonstrating good values and morals.


Parents love it. I admit that I often find myself daydreaming when I’m watching cartoons with the kids, but the SUPER 4 series captivated me. It will have parents everywhere cheering for Alex the Knight and Ruby the Pirate as they go on their many adventures together. We find ourselves talking with our children for hours following an episode about the fun adventure we just watched unfold.


My kids love the series so much that they recently brought their friends together for a “SUPER 4” playdate. They kicked-off the fun by showing their friends the first episode followed by hours of play with their Playmobil toys. SUPER 4 is more than just an animated series but is imagination coming to life for children everywhere. Don’t miss sharing this fun new series with your children on Netflix.


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