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Three Tips for Purchasing Your Toddlers First Baby Doll

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I still have my first baby doll, and my daughter still cherishes her first baby doll. When it came to purchasing my toddlers first baby doll, I put a lot of work into researching different baby dolls so that my daughter would have a baby doll that would withstand her loving, and be strong enough to pass down to her daughter.


The first thing to look for is a doll that does not have any plastic eyes or parts that can come off and become a choking hazard. It won’t be your toddlers favorite baby doll if they can only watch it sitting on a shelf in their room.


Second thing to look for is a doll that is machine washable. The doll will more than likely be drug around the sand box, spit-up on and if your toddler was like mine even fed a couple of spaghetti meals.


Third is the snuggle factor. Is the doll soft and cuddly? Give the doll a good hug to see if you think it will meet your kids snuggle standards during those late nights in the crib.


Finally I recommend getting a doll with a sweet face. One that your toddler will look into the dolls eyes and find a companion for the stroller, carseat and all their adventures ahead of them in their life.

Since Madame Alexander was my first baby doll growing-up, it was also my first choice in purchasing a doll for my daughter. The only thing I wish is that they had the “My First Baby Snuggle Doll” when my daughter was a toddler.

The doll is soft, cuddly and has the sweetest face. It is lovable for kids of all ages, and will be the perfect first baby doll for your sweet toddler. The doll is available online for $24.95.

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