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Three Ways to use Music to Reinforce Early Learning

Not only is music great fun for children, but it is also a powerful tool to reinforce early learning. I want to share with you three powerful ways that you can use music to help your child progress in their discovery of the world.

Music expands language skills. Rhythm is a key component of music and is what helps children learn to develop the cadence of sentences. It also demonstrates how to connect words in different (and sometimes silly) ways, which helps to increase children’s vocabulary through trying out new words and new sounds. An important part of the expansion of language and literacy skills is phonics, which is introduced in a fun way for children through rhyming. If a child rhymes “cat” and “hat” in a tune, he is able to recognize that they both have letters that sound the same. He may not understand what he is doing at first, but when he goes to school and starts learning the sound of letters, he is able to access the old information that is stored up in his brain to help him connect the sounds much faster.

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