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How to Throw the Perfect Virtual Birthday Party for Your Kids

Lots of people have got used to the idea of being involved in virtual get-togethers to celebrate important events or for work purposes, and there is no reason that a party hosted via the web cannot be just as fun and engaging as a real-world equivalent.

Birthday Party Ideas

Of course, the only way to achieve the same levels of entertainment and excitement is to plan your virtual party thoroughly. This is especially important if you organize it for a child’s birthday, as youngsters are less tolerant of tedium.

With that in mind, here are some tips on making your virtual birthday party a roaring success and one that kids will remember fondly.

Virtual party activity ideas

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of a birthday party for children is the activities you choose. Kids need something to keep them hooked, or else they will quickly get bored, so opting to use innovative virtual event ideas over those that have been done to death is sensible.

A scavenger hunt is always a hit with the little ones and is quickly done using a combination of modern video conferencing tools and a bit of kid-friendly ingenuity.

Kids also get a kick out of games, and there are myriad services available that make it easy to play with large groups, with frontrunners like Jackbox offering something for everyone.

You can even give attendees a break by watching a movie together remotely, either by using specific software tools or simply synchronizing the moment at which you all press play.

Lastly, why not arrange a talent show, with each attendee able to have a few minutes in the spotlight to show off their particular skill? Whether or not you vote on your favorites is up to you; avoiding arguments is easily done if you decide that everyone’s a winner just for taking part!

Consider staggered scheduling

One of the reasons that virtual events can feel overwhelming is that if there are too many people on the same call, it is impossible for everyone to feel like they are contributing equally. Some may even end up left out of the conversation.

A good way to avoid this in a kids’ birthday party setting is to break down the scheduling of the event into several time slots and assign certain groups of friends to each one, rather than trying to host all attendees simultaneously.

It might need a little more prior preparation, but this approach is worth it if you have a large family or lots of friends to include. You might even consider keeping these two separate, allowing grandparents to get some one-on-one time before the party kicks off in full, for example.

Keep it a surprise

Lastly, consider keeping the impending virtual birthday party a secret from your child so that they can be surprised and delighted when each new person joins the call.

Another advantage of taking this approach is that if one of your carefully laid plans does not come to fruition, or someone cannot attend after initially confirming, there will be no disappointment!

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