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Throwing the Ultimate Birthday Party for Your Kid

Birthdays can be pretty important. For many kids, their birthday is a day that they look forward to throughout the course of the entire year. This is a day that is completely about them. Sure, usual life will have to go on in the background. But it’s an opportunity for you to celebrate them, show them how much they are loved and to give in to some of their whims in a bid to put a smile on their face. Of course, there are all sorts of birthday related traditions that different people engage with, but one highlight of many kids’ birthday is a birthday party. This is an event where their nearest and dearest can gather to have a great time together. For parents, this is also a great opportunity to connect with family, friends and other who may attend, which can prove so difficult on a more routine basis where your kids and other responsibilities can eat up most of your time. Needless to say, planning a birthday party will require a fair amount of forethought and effort. Here are a few key areas you can focus on that will help to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Settle on a Budget

First and foremote, you need to make sure that you set yourself a budget for this party. Anyone who’s thrown a kid’s party before will be able to vouch that costs can quickly spiral out of control if left unchecked. Look at your disposable income and determine how much you are able to reasonably commit to a party. Avoid overspending.

Consider Venues or Activities

Where are you going to hold the party? What type of party is it going to be? There are all sorts of venues and activities out there that could prove extremely suitable. Some people will host the party in their own home and garden. Some will rent out a hall or centre. Some will find that their kid wants to do something like going bowling, heading to the arcade, visiting a park for a picnic or something else. There are venues and activities that range from free to very expensive, so consider options within your budget. You may also need to book in advance, so make sure you have a rough idea of guests who you want to invite before booking.

Choose a Theme

If you are throwing a party in some sort of hall or centre that you will need to decorate yourself, you may find that planning and preparation is a lot easier – and that your little one will be more excited – if you come up with a theme. Having some sort of theme in place for the party can make organisation a lot more easier. Ask your kid what they’d like their them to be. Chances are, they’ll choose whatever they’re most interested in at the moment. It could be a specific cartoon or show, a superhero, something like animals or anything else. Once you know the theme, you can start to invest in decorations and accessories that all tie together.

Decide on a Guestlist

Next, you should decide who will be attending this party. Your budget can largely determine factors such as the number of guests you want to invite. Often, children will want to invite friends from school and their class. If possible, make sure that this is either a very small group of their best friends (perhaps 2 or 3) or their entire class is invited. It can be hurtful for one or two kids to be left out, knowing that everyone else is attending an event that they haven’t been invited to. You may also want to invite family members such as cousins, as well as other friends from outside of school.

Create Invitations

Once you have a list of people you want to invite, a venue or activity and a theme, it’s time to start sending out invitations. Ideally, invitations should be sent out a good few weeks before the party to allow people to make necessary arrangements. If you have a theme, choosing or making invitations will be pretty straightforward. Just make sure that all of the necessary information is included. This can range from whose party it is (some parents may not be familiar with your child or who you are), where it will be held, what activities their child will be involved with and you should also add your contact details so people can get in touch to confirm and to ask any questions they may have. Often, schools will happily distribute your invites to the invitees.

Consider Food

Depending on the type of party you’re throwing, you may have to arrange and provide food for guests who attend. This can vary drastically, again, depending on the type of party you’re throwing. The first step to take it so to ask everyone attend for their dietary preferences and requirements. For school friends, you may need to get in touch with parents to ask specifically what their child can and can’t have. Some may require vegan or vegetarian food, halal or kosher food or food that is free from specific allergens, such as nuts, gluten or dairy. Ensuring that everyone only eats options that are suitable and safe should be top priority. Next, you should consider how much time or money different options will require. Making buffet style food yourself can often be the least expensive but most time consuming choice. If you are happy to spend and need to conserve your time for something else, having food made could be better for you.

Party Bags

Party bags are a staple for many kids’ parties. They’re essentially a small bag that each child is given to take home with them. They can often contain things like trinkets, Lanyards featuring favourite characters, small toys and slices of birthday cake. There are countless different designs out there, so whatever theme you choose, chances are, there will be a party bag for the occasion. Just make sure that all gifts in the bag are age appropriate, as you don’t want to leave anything in them that could pose a choking hazard for smaller or younger children.

Party Activities

If you’re holding the party in your own home or in some sort of hall, you may find that you need to come up with your own activities to keep all of the kids occupied for the duration of the event. There are so many different classic party activities that you can choose from. You may want to invest in a pinata, filled with sweets. You may want to create a pass the parcel game. You could pick up a pin the tail on the donkey game. You could try musical chairs or musical statues. Of course, if activities require music, you may need to invest in some sort of speakers to make sure that the sound is good quality. You may also – if you have the budget available – want to hire some sort of party entertainment. Many kids love magicians, actors playing favourite characters and more.

Sure, this may feel like a lot to take into consideration, but when it comes down to it, it will all prove worth it for the smile it will put on your little one’s face and the memories it will help them to build. Hopefully, some of the guidance above will help you to organise things in a smooth manner!

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