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Time for a Change


With my friend Janell who is one our team

We have all heard the advertisements for the Lindora Weight Loss clinics. It is a solid weight loss program and everyone that I have known that went through the Lindora program was quite successful.

As a morbidly obese middle aged mom of two, I have wanted to join Lindora for years but unfortunately, I could not afford it. I have tried and failed many, many programs. Something we fluffy girls are very familiar with.

It is so frustrating and with each failure, I feel less and less confident that I can stick to anything. This is very worrisome. Not only do I dislike how I look, I am unhealthy. You cannot weigh 241 lbs and be anything but unhealthy.

I daydream about the old, healthier me. I look at my 9 and 10 year old and think about how devastating it would be for them to lose their mommy at a young age. I pray, “Please God just let me finish the job, please give me at least another 10 years. Not for my sake but for theirs.”

When Shelby Barone asked me to join her and 4 other girls to join her Lindora Lean for Life team and told me that all I needed was the $20 book, I didn’t need to think twice. I was in.

Shelby set up a private facebook group for the members of the team where we all feel safe to share photos, recipes, progress, and most importantly how we feel throughout the process. It is a great help to have the support of the team who are going through the same thing.

The very first thing I noticed when starting the program was that my energy level skyrocketed as soon as Day 2. I really have not had this much energy in months! I was becoming very frustrated with my lack of productivity in my life. Just 1 day on the program and my energy is back.

I am now starting Day 5 and I am already down 6lbs, which takes me OUT of the morbidly obese category. I am now just considered obese. Soon, I expect to only be considered overweight. I am following the program to the letter. If I’m asked to write affirmations, I write affirmations. If I’m asked to take vitamins, I take vitamins.

If you too are looking for a sustainable way to get and stay healthy, join me and the team on the Lindora Lean for Life program. The books are available on Amazon. You can follow our progress on Finally, this wonderful program is available to everyone!

Ready, set…here we go! This is not sponsored..just us trying to inspire other moms to join our journey…oh yeah, and we could win a trip to New York, and so can you too.

Terri Garcia has been a Southern California girl since the age of two. She has lived in Los Angeles County and both North and South Orange County. A stay-at-home mom and confessed “pinaholic”, she loves all things creative. She believes in giving back and practicing random acts of kindness. She finds joy in creating thoughtful, creative gifts, traveling, historical fiction and most importantly being mom to two very active boys. Similar to the Little Red Hen, she likes to do things herself; although in the end, she will happily share the homemade bread with family and friends.
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  1. Hi Terri! You and your team are all doing amazing so far! Keep up the good work. Just wanted to put it out there if ANY other moms want to join the movement all the info is here:

    All you do is form a team, get books (contact me for more info [email protected]) encourage/support each other through the process and submit your success stories before April 30! Winning team will win a trip to NYC!!

  2. Terri: Your post was so honest. I respect you so much for sharing this private side of your life. Even though I look relatively “thin” I, too, have battled my weight for, well, since I can remember. Coming from a family of obese and overweight people, I have a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to my weight and health. You are such a brave lady. You’ve got this! – Kristal

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