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Tips for Eliminating Car Odors


If you’re anything like me, then you probably spend more of your day in the car vs. your house. That means that a lot of eating and living happens in the suburban that I spend my days in cruising the kid’s around town. What else comes along with it? Messes and odor! I am not just talking about the spoiled milk in the bottle that got tossed under the seat and found weeks later, but when you get a suburban filled with 4-5 teenage boys after basketball practice…let’s just say that odor seems to stick around for a couple of days. How do I keep my car smelling fresh enough that I can breathe while driving my teenager and tween around town? Febreze Vent Car Clips!


Before using the product, the only solution would be:
(A) Have the kids walk home…which would never be an option
(B) Drive with all the windows down = the other kid’s complaining
(C) Put something in the car that helps to fight odors

For a long time, I hesitated at putting an odor eliminating product in my car due to my son’s allergies. I was worried that the scent would cause his allergies to flare up. Once I decided to try a product, I did some research and found that many families did not have any problems with the Febreze Vent Car Clips. Out of all the products currently on the market, I tested the product, and found that it did not cause any problems with my son’s allergies. It helped to make my time in the car more enjoyable.

Our family can now enjoy our time in the car even with our wet golden retriever after a day playing at the dog beach. We have also been able to save money on Febreze Vent Car Clips by purchasing them at our local Walmart. Did I mention that they also last 30 days? How great is that?

We love the product so much that we are giving away a $25 Walmart gift card to one family to use to try Febreze Vent Car Clips. Enter to win in the form below, and the giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

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  1. Food smells are the one smell that seems to linger in my car.

  2. My dilemma is wanting to let my kids eat in the car, but not wanting to deal with the smells associated with it.

  3. My stinky car dilemma is pet odors.

  4. Mine is leaving my windows down when it rains. A few days later it reeks of mildew.

  5. Cigarette smell is the worst.

  6. Pets smells are bad especially in the summer after going to the park.

  7. Oh for me its when my son leaves his drive thru bags in the car, and I get in and it smells like french fries or tacos!

  8. My stinky car dilemma is leftover food smells.

  9. My pets are my biggest smell problem.

  10. My stinky car story is my husband went fishing and left fish worms in the 80 degree was awfull

  11. In the summer we have wet towels from the pool that make the car stinky.

  12. Smelly pet odors from my dog are my biggest car odor issue.

  13. My stinky care dilemma is my toddler’s forgotten snacks.

  14. Wet dog is the worst!

  15. Pet Odors Are The Worst!

  16. Food smells from the kids leaving food and food wrappers in the car.

  17. My car smells like fast food from when we pick up a quick dinner!

  18. It gets a little mildew after it rains.

  19. sometimes my dog stinks, so my dilemma is do I let her ride in the car with me.. the answer is always yes.

  20. My problem is when my boys leave a sippy cup behind.

  21. left over food!!

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